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Derrick Rose, who saved Knicks in a pinch with Taj Gibson “I did it because I needed to change something” –Basket Count | Basket Count

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Randall, Rose and Gibson wake up in the second half to win a come-from-behind victory

Knicks, who lost the first round of the playoffs with the Hawks, had a hard time with 44-57 after finishing the first half of the second round. Still, in the second half, two veterans played the leading role and gained momentum for the team, leading to a come-from-behind victory.

One of them is Derrick Rose. His role is to get out of the bench, but in the second half he stands on the court from his head and pulls the offense. In the first half, there were few ball moves, and Julius Randle could not receive a pass in a good shape and got a brake with 2 points, but in the second half Rose created and Randle’s score increased, activating the team offense. did. Of course, Rose himself actively set up and scored.

Elfrid Payton was the starting point guard for Knicks, but he couldn’t keep Trae Young in the first match, and although he put all his efforts into defense in this match, Knicks’ pace was still unwavering.

“I did it because I needed to change something,” Rose says.

“I wasn’t able to demonstrate the team’s original strength in the first match. I personally felt that way. I myself was weak, so I tried to play hard in this match and tried to pull the team. Young and talented I’m glad I was able to fight a team and win in the end. Everyone stepped up and played big. “

The explosive power before the injury may not return, but Rose, who learned basketball in a deeper sense and learned how to use his body, has become a protagonist in the playoffs. He’s content with the role of the second unit, perhaps because of the risk of breakdown, but in this match Rose played the longest 39 minutes of both teams with many young players and played the game. He scored 26 high points.

“I’ve prepared for this, so it’s okay to have a long playtime. For the last few years, I’ve been working hard and paying attention to my condition management. I feel like I’m addicted to jinx, so let’s stop. I’m fine. “

The other is 35-year-old Taj Gibson, who has long played under Thibodeau with Rose. He also played for 30 minutes while starting on the bench and stretched himself under the goal. 6 points 7 rebounds 1 assist 3 steals. More than that, the score difference of +23 while he was standing on the court shows his contribution to offense and defense.

The commander, Thibodeau, seems to be very happy with the work of the two disciples. “There are a lot of young people in our house who haven’t experienced the playoffs, but this can only be dealt with by playing more games. They grow up with each game. But we have derricks and taj, and they Has experienced big games, which brings us a big plus. “

Madison Square Garden, which was swirled with anger at Trae Young in the defeated first leg, became a festival after the match. The fans did not cool down and continued to make a fuss in front of the arena. This is also a “road” for experienced Rose. He talks less interestingly about the hostility between the spectators and the ace of the other team. “The league is soft these days, but it’s basketball by nature. The trays play great, the spectators react and the atmosphere gets excited. That’s what I’m used to.”


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