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Death Dupasquier, MotoGP overwhelmed by controversy: “It’s not fair”

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While the sense of sadness and emotion that has invaded the whole world of engines for the death of the young Swiss driver is still enormous Jason Dupasquier, who died on Sunday morning following his injuries from the disastrous crash on Saturday during the Moto3 qualifying, the racing world and the MotoGP in particular he finds himself having to manage the flood of criticism and controversy about the advisability of going on over the weekend of Italian Grand Prix at Mugello. Discordant opinions among pilots, from Bagnaia and Vale Rossi, but on social media many have criticized the choice dictated by the “show must go on”.

MotoGp, the choice after Dupasquier’s death

Everyone was prepared for the worst but after the operation on the night he had been subjected to Dupasquier it was hoped that the situation could improve or at least not tend towards the worst. And instead, around 12.00 the news of the death of the 19-year-old Swiss spread around the paddock. With this funereal atmosphere the Moto2 race took place. Nobody, perhaps because also overwhelmed by emotions and professionalism, has decided not to run. He had already decided his team Prustel, on Saturday, immediately after the accident. Same thing had done his idol and great friend Tom Luthi, Moto2 rider raced to his bedside.

The Moto2 then raced, then at 13:45 the minute of silence on the starting grid and almost as if nothing had happened, with death in the heart, the race of the MotoGp won by Quartararo in an atmosphere of great emotion. Someone would have preferred not to race, but no request for a confrontation with the riders came from Dorna.

From Bagnaia to Rossi to Miller: the choice of MotoGP divides

The drivers’ front split on the idea of ​​running the race after the news of Dupasquier’s death. Valentino Rossi was seraphic in his pain: “After a tragedy it makes no sense to either run or not run”. He was more convinced of the necessary opportunity not to race Pecco Bagnaia “It makes no sense to talk about the race, we lost a 19 year old boy. The minute of silence before the race shook me a lot, I wasn’t focused at all. If it had been up to me I would not have left ”.

Miguel Oliveira criticizes the safety of Moto3. The Ktm Portuguese went further: “They are always attached to each other, especially here at Mugello, where the wake makes the difference. If all the bikes went a little slower it would be less dangerous, but I don’t know how to make this happen ”. Tremendously cynical but realistic Jack Miller: “Nobody puts a gun to your head. If you want to drive, drive. The fact that they have allowed us to do what we love most is tremendous “.

The moving memory of Quartararo who dedicates the victory Dupasquier, Aleix Espargarò in tears who says it makes him feel bad with himself to see that he did the minute of silence and then he put on his helmet and ran as if nothing had happened.

Social split: right or wrong to race after the death of a driver?

In addition to the prevailing emotion, the web has divided, a bit like the pilots on whether to race or not, to continue the “bloody” weekend in Mugello. Already the first controversies had erupted on Saturday due to the lingering of the cameras on the scene of the accident waiting for help. “But what has to happen for a sport to stop?”More than a few fans have asked on the web; “Money rules everything, including emotions and feelings for the death of a 19-year-old boy” writes another “. Someone is softer: “I am aware of the fact that they are the first to know what they risk but have not had time to digest the news. In some cases, it is necessary for me to stop ”.

Because we run after the death of a colleague. He tried to summarize the modus opendi and vivendi of a rider, the journalist of Sky Sport MotoGP, Sandro Donato Grosso: “To understand how a driver runs after a 19-year-old colleague died in an accident on the same track, one must first realize that these guys have a very dangerous job, in which passion wins over negative thinking “it could have touched me” . Professionals of this level are able to reset everything as soon as the helmet visor is lowered, even if someone has not managed to avoid a decline in clarity and concentration.“.

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