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A Premier League figure reported that he suffered a robbery in the locker room

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It was known that the English midfielder called the police after suffering the theft of one of his belongings while playing a game.

England media confirmed that Jesse Lingard, footballer of the West Ham, had his watch stolen in the locker room while he and his team played the game against Everton, for the 35th date of the Premier League, which they lost 1-0.

His teammates helped search for the 28-year-old player whose pass is from Manchester United, but they were unsuccessful and they decided to call the police to start an investigation.

Jesse Lingard

According to The Sun newspaper, Lingard “he’s devastated” for the theft he suffered, since has a collection of high-end watches, some of which are believed to be worth up to six figures of the European currency.

The authorities still could not understand how someone could sneak into the locker room, place that can only be accessed by players and senior leaders of the institution. In addition, they are places that are monitored and patrolled for security.

Jesse Lingard

“There have been no arrests and investigations continue”, assured a spokesman for the metropolitan police, while from the club they affirmed that “While we will continue to assist with the matter, we cannot comment further as it is now part of an ongoing police investigation.”

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