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Toronto Blue Jays investigates new allegation of sexual misconduct against Roberto Alomar

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A second woman alleges sexual misconduct by Roberto Alomar in 2014, prompting the Toronto Blue Jays to launch an investigation into what happened and how the team handled it.

The woman, Melissa Verge, alleged in a story published Friday by the Toronto Star that Alomar proposed to her and pressed his body against hers without consent while volunteering at a youth baseball camp run by the Blue Jays. Verge was 18 at the time; Alomar was 46 years old.

Verge told the Star that he told Rob Jack, a team official at the time and a friend of Alomar, about what happened. The Blue Jays say Jack did not inform any other team members or notify human resources of the allegations. He was fired by the team a year later.

In a statement to the Star, the Blue Jays say they were “concerned to learn of Ms. Verge’s 2014 experience involving Roberto Alomar and another former employee” and that they hired an outside firm to conduct an investigation afterward. to be notified by the Star about what allegedly happened.

Neither Alomar nor Jack responded for comment, according to The Star.

Major League Baseball placed Alomar on its ineligible list last month after a baseball industry employee earlier this year alleged sexual misconduct by him in 2014. An outside law firm conducted the investigation, and MLB found that Alomar, who had been serving as a consultant to the league, “violated MLB policies, and termination of his consultant contract and placement on the MLB Ineligible List is warranted.”

MLB did not release further details about that incident, prompting the Blue Jays to cut ties with the 12-time All-Star as well.

Verge told the Star that the allegations that surfaced publicly last month when MLB announced its Alomar discipline “opened the door for me to share my story.”


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