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5A Baseball: Spaniard Thorn holds out against Hills of Salem to advance to final

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Zach Dart was upset as he protected a one-shot lead late in the eighth inning.

His brother, shortstop Will Dart, had the right words for him.

“My little brother remembered me and said, ‘Just like Smyrna,” Zach Dart said. I grew up in Smyrna, North Carolina when we were kids. It totally relaxed me because that got all my nerves, like playing backyard hunt with wiggie again. “

Zach Dart hit the first two hitters he found. Salem Hills sprinted aboard the boat for a ride, but Will Dart failed in a linear campaign to the final of a Spanish Fork 10-9 victory in the 5A State Championship at Kate Field at Salt Lake Community College on Wednesday.

The victory moved Spanish Fork No. 7 (10-21) to the three-game state championship series, which begins Friday. Dons will play the winner of the Orem-Maple Mountain series.

“Oh man, that was so intense,” Zach Dart said. “There were ups and downs. Things got tough for us, but that’s what I love about this team. We will fight to the death, not literally, but figuratively. We will fight forever, especially against these men. I have to say “Hats” to Salem. This is a group of men. Contestants “.

The Spanish Fork led 5-0 early, 9-5 in Game 6, but the Skyhawks continued the fight.

Salem Hills scored four goals in Game 4 to tie the game at 5. In Game 6, Easton Romero fired two games at home to give Dunes a 9-5 lead.

The Skyhawks scored twice in sixth place to close the two at 9-7. With two at the bottom of seventh place, sophomore Zack Nelson blew up a spectacular two-round Homer to send the game into additional roles.

Spanish coach Casey Nelson said: “Clearly there were a lot of good things.” “There was a lot of rivalry between both teams and a lot of great successes. It was just a great game and I wouldn’t expect anything more, especially when Spanish Fork and Salem Hills meet for the state championship. forward with two good teams really fighting their asses. “

Nelson finished with three hits for Salem Hills (24-7), the second seeded, but was knocked out after losing twice to the Dunes.

Romero led three sets for the Spanish Fork, and Zach Dart led three sets, including Homer running twice in the second half.

“We keep fighting,” said Zach Dart. “We are not done. We have a team motto until the end. We will fight to the end because I know I have all these guys with me and the coaches believe in us. Coach Job (Nelson) said: ‘This is your game, I believe in you. I changed my mind from depression to preparing for the fight. “I went to the last half and I’m ready to fight.”

Salem Hills 10, Farmington 2

Skyhawks scored nine runs in the second half, and Stone Cushing, Jarret Elmer and Nelson all scored hits at home in a loss earlier in the day.

Salem Hills pitchers Nolan Miller and Mason Warner caught Team Phoenix with one hit and set up a rematch with the Spanish Fork.

Mount Maple 10, Olympus 0

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