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SITTERDORF – The possibility of design appeals to him about the political function in the municipality where he lives

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The possibility of design appeals to him about the political function in the community where he lives

With the election of councilor Christian Hinterberger as the new mayor of Zihlschlacht-Sitterdorf, a seat in the local executive branch becomes vacant. Christian Fisch, who is independent from the party, is applying for this, along with two others.

Christian Fisch during the interview with the “Thurgauer Zeitung.”

Image: Arthur Gamsa (Zihlschlacht, May 14, 2021)

“The opportunity to contribute my knowledge and make a difference at the community level has moved me to run for the vacant seat,” says Christian Fisch. He had been thinking about such a step for a long time, and now this opportunity presents itself.

When he was asked and encouraged by a friend of the local council, he didn’t have to think twice. Especially since he also enjoys the full support of the family. “I like to take responsibility,” adds the 47-year-old. In his case, work, private life and political office can also be easily reconciled, says Fisch. He regards the time leading up to the election as a new, enriching experience in his life.

Loyalty and perseverance are strengths

Fisch is convinced that his professional knowledge from the construction industry could also be of valuable service to the local council. He describes himself as a “realist with fantasy” who tries to solve problems pragmatically. The advisory role in his job shaped him, explains Fisch. He is used to weighing and organizing things. He counts a sense of duty, loyalty and perseverance among his strengths;

He does not attach great importance to the fact that he would be a career changer on the political stage. He knows the mechanisms in a committee that has to make decisions, says the candidate, referring to his previous work on the board of directors of the Toggenburg judo club, where he was the treasurer.

Center right in the political spectrum

Fisch values ​​the rural character of Zihlschlacht-Sitterdorf. The protection of the environment is therefore important to him. He particularly likes the fact that many residents know each other personally and that there is a lively club life in the community. Fisch does not see an acute need for action in any area. When considering changes, they have to be carefully considered, he says.

Christian Fisch in the garden of his house in Zihlschlacht.

Christian Fisch in the garden of his house in Zihlschlacht.

Image: Arthur Gamsa (Zihlschlacht, May 14, 2021)

Fisch does not belong to a political party, although he shows some sympathy for the SVP. When asked about his ideological positioning, he answers as follows: “In the political spectrum, I am center-right.” However, Fisch ruled out joining the party. He wants to keep his independence, he emphasizes.

In the event of an election, Fisch could imagine serving on the local council for two to three terms. “As a councilor you shouldn’t stop after four years, because it also takes a certain amount of time to get used to it,” he describes his point of view.

There are three candidates for a vacant seat in the Zihlschlacht-Sitterdorf municipal council. The trio will introduce themselves on Tuesday, June 1st, 8 p.m., in the multi-purpose hall of Zihlschlacht. The replacement election (first ballot) will take place on Sunday, June 13, 2021.

To person

Christian Fisch was born on February 23, 1974 in Wattwil and grew up in Ebnat-Kappel. He completed an apprenticeship as a plumber / plumber and initially worked in his parents’ company. Today he is federal. dipl. Master plumber and works for Paul Bauder AG in Küssnacht am Rigi, which is Europe’s leading manufacturer of roof systems. The candidate’s vita also includes two professional stays in Australia. Fisch is single and has been in a steady relationship for five years, which also includes two school-age children. He likes to spend his free time with his family, preferably in the great outdoors. His hobbies include hiking, biking and judo as well as skiing and motorcycling. (st)

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