A historic sale looms in Marseille

While Olympique de Marseille is going through a new crisis, Benoît Payan, the mayor of Marseille, said he wanted to sell the Stade Vélodrome.

The staff of theOlympic Marseille Even though I keep repeating that OM was not for sale, there are more rumors about the next Ciel et Blanc sale than ever. If the vagueness is therefore appropriate concerning the real intentions of Frank McCourt about the Olympian club, Benoît Payan, the mayor of Marseille, is however categorical about the Stade Vélodrome.

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“Me the stadium, I want to sell it because it costs us too much money”, he thus launched during a direct video on Facebook devoted to the finances of Marseille before denouncing the real “Financial mismanagement” that constitutes the Vélodrome, property of the town hall. “I said it when I was in the opposition, he continued. I will do so if I find a buyer, and I will manage in the months and years to find a buyer. The stadium is no longer possible. Niet, finished. 15 million euros from the pocket of the Marseillais for 30 years, it’s over. “

Comments in line with those made shortly after the takeover of the socialist team, carried by Michèle Rubirola. “I’m not changing a comma to what I’ve always said: if OM are buyers, let’s sell them the stadium”, he had launched in July, adding: “ All the big European clubs need their working tools to develop. Rather than spending millions of euros a year for the Marseille taxpayer, we would all have an interest in selling the stadium to Olympique de Marseille. “ Words that can not leave the leaders of Sky and White insensitive and all the more so given the ambitions of Frank McCourt in the real estate field.

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