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Original title: Long-lost victory injects a strong shot into the Beijing team, 12 players all scored to interpret team basketball

On January 6, Beijing time, the Beijing team, which had recently suffered two consecutive losses and whose head coach Xie Libin was suspended, defeated the Jiangsu team 120-91 and won a long-awaited victory. All 12 players in the field scored, and 5 of them scored in double figures. The Beijing team has an overall advantage in all statistics. They won 17 rebounds 47-30, 18 assists 31-13, and 6 3-pointers 15-9.

Judging from the league rankings, as of the last round, the Beijing team ranked 15th and the Jiangsu team ranked 16th. But the Beijing team won 4 more games than the Jiangsu team, and the winning percentage was 16% higher.

After the opening, the Beijing team made a strong start under the leadership of Gibson. The Jiangsu team has no local players who can restrain Gibson on the defensive end. If Wells has been defensively, Wells will consume too much energy and have problems with offensive scoring. With the suppression of the inside, the Beijing team also shot a three-pointer very early today. Zhou Yixiang, Gibson, and Zhu Yanxi all hit three-pointers early. The Beijing team scored 38-22 in the first quarter, and only 9 quarters have passed 30 points in a single quarter this season. It can be said that Gibson led the Beijing team to a strong start this season.

At the end of halftime, the Beijing team scored 79 points and led their opponents by 35 points. This is extremely rare in previous matches of the Beijing team. This season, the Beijing team averaged only 94.3 points per game, which was the bottom of the 19 teams. The second from the bottom happened to be today’s opponent Jiangsu team with 95.3 points.

Despite the poor performance this season, the thickness of the Beijing team’s rotation lineup is the envy of many teams. Compared with the middle and lower reaches of the Jiangsu team, the height and strength of the bench lineup of the Beijing team, which was originally a championship level, are a bit higher. Therefore, after the main lineup takes the lead, the substitute lineup will continue to attack the opponent’s substitute lineup.

Wu Guanxi, an All-Star player of the Jiangsu team, missed the game due to injury, which made the Jiangsu team’s internal strength drop sharply. It is very obvious from the rebounding scramble and the inside scoring. Li Muhao and Fan Ziming both scored more easily in the interior than in previous games, and they also had a huge advantage in rebounding. Fan Ziming played threatening personal offenses many times today, scoring against the opposing young insiders many times in the second and third quarters. In the Xinjiang team, Zhou Qi opened up space for Fan Ziming. Fan Ziming’s personal offense was very impressive, but in the Beijing team, there were no positions 4 and 5 to open up space for Fan Ziming. Fan Ziming’s slightly crude offensive skills are greatly reduced in a small, strong confrontational space. This field was able to break out because of Wu Guanxi’s absence and the lack of deterrence inside Jiangsu.

The Beijing team scored 120 points in the game. If it weren’t for a lot of time in the second half for training, the Beijing team should have scored more than 130 points today. The Beijing team played all 12 players on the field, and they all scored, playing the team basketball they always wanted. And a big win also injected a booster for the Beijing team that recently suffered a two-game losing streak, which greatly improved the team’s morale.

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