Friedkin fury, first purges. And Fonseca ends up on trial

The team manager, Gianluca, paid for the mistakes with Spezia Gombe and Manolo Zubiria, Global Sport Officer, removed from their posts. Meanwhile Tiago Pinto is the new company entry to be metabolized who, having arrived in the middle of the season, will have to burn the times in relations with the team, effectively replacing Fienga, relegated to dealing with corporate matters, reports La repubblica.

Fonseca does not seem to be able to have total control of the players, and appears too often overwhelmed by the events and humor of a team that suddenly loses itself, melting in the face of difficulties. Yesterday afternoon there was an unsettled summit between Friedkin, Fonseca and Tiago Pinto, to understand what is happening, how to get out of it and if there are then the margins to continue together. At least immediately, and except for football disasters, which would lead to an immediate exemption with the choice of an internal solution to ferry until the end of the season. Then when he starts again with a new coach.

In all this, Edin’s malaise cannot go unnoticed Dzeko, a lost captain and with his suitcase perpetually ready. “Who are we!”, The attacker on the pitch shouted to his teammates and the bench, annoyed and yelling. He loves Rome and is doing well in Rome, but he would like to end his career winning something also in Italya, after doing it wherever he went. Should I repack the suitcase next summer?



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