Euglena’s first CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Kyoko Ozawa For the “Next Visionary” nomination #Beyomile 2021[1 minute video]| Business Insider Japan

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Millennial visionaries pioneer with will, despite uncertain news. We ask challengers in the four fields of “sustainability business,” “technology x business,” “culture x business,” and “diversity & inclusion” about their thoughts. This time, Euglena’s first CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Kyoko Ozawa.

Kyoko Ozawa commends a person of interestNominated for Business Insider Japan Award “BEYOND MILLENNIALS 2021” FinalistIt has been. How did you start the business? What are you thinking about now? What do you want to do in the future?

Please take a look at the message video (about 1 minute) sent after receiving the nomination.

Kyoko Ozawa: Euglena’s first CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Third year high school student. Has lived in the United States. Contributed a column to the academic journal ATOMOΣ. Has a serialization on Nikkei ESG. In high school, the basketball club, the sports festival executive committee chairman, and volunteer activities are held. He served as Euglena’s first CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for one year from October 2019, and proposed multiple measures to the company, such as reducing the use of plastic. We worked to solve the problem toward “building a system that allows consumers to take environmentally friendly actions without being aware of it.”




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