Corona: That means the tightened lockdown for German sport

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That means the tightened lockdown for German sport

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Merkel wants to bring order to the vaccination chaos

The vaccinations in Germany have so far been rather slow. Chancellor Angela Merkel now wants to consult with the responsible ministers about how more vaccine can be produced. At the same time she strengthens Spahn’s back.

The extended corona lockdown makes it difficult for German sport. Professional representatives, but also popular sports, fear serious damage. Especially since Prime Minister Markus Söder gives little hope.

Dhe professionals continue in ghost mode, amateurs and amateur athletes stand still longer: The corona lockdown, which was extended until the end of the month, also keeps German sport firmly in hand.

With the resolutions of the federal government and state leaders on Tuesday, the agonizing wait for the resumption of training and competition operations will continue until at least February for millions of people involved in sports, but even then, rapid easing is hardly to be expected. “Will everything be fine again from February 1st? I urgently advise us not to raise false hopes, “said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU).

The professional leagues, however, are allowed to continue playing without a spectator and with strict hygiene concepts, even when large parts of public life are at a standstill. Football wants to continue its program with the Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and European Cup in close intervals in winter, even if corona cases have been proven again and again recently.

A helper cleans and disinfects the windows at the exchange bench in Wolfsburg

Source: dpa / Swen gatekeeper

At VfL Wolfsburg, some professionals violated the rules of conduct in the pandemic before the turn of the year, and at Bayer Leverkusen, professionals recently had to be quarantined again. In the second division, the Würzburger Kickers team was particularly affected.

Winter sports without spectators

There have already been a series of game cancellations due to corona infections in the handball Bundesliga and also among basketball players. The basket hunters from Braunschweig even had to go into complete self-isolation. After a nine-month pandemic break, games in the German Ice Hockey League have only just started again.

Criticism of the pictures from the team sports during the acute corona phase was recently expressed by the former top ski jumping star Jens Weißflog. “When I look at team sports like volleyball, football or handball, where almost every goal or point is cheered in close proximity: I have little understanding,” said the 56-year-old.

Merkel And States Leaders Agree To Extend Hard Lockdown

Markus Söder warns against false hopes that the measures will soon be relaxed

Quelle: Getty Images/Pool

The top winter sports enthusiasts also currently have to forego fans on the tracks and jumps. At the Four Hills Tournament, there is jumping in front of empty stands, the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof with eight days of competition is held in a sealed-off city. The Thuringian winter sports resort was recently overrun by excursionists and is now largely closed.

Sport fears damaged fan ties

The forced waiver of spectators tears big holes in the economic balance sheets of organizers and clubs. In addition, some top representatives fear emotional damage to fan loyalty.

“I am worried and afraid that we will no longer see the picture of the Bundesliga before the pandemic and that the stadiums are no longer as full as we were used to,” said RB Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff recently.

The lockdown continues – with tightened rules

The lockdown in Germany will be extended until at least January 31st. At the same time, the federal and state governments have agreed on even stricter contact restrictions. In addition, the movement radius of the citizens is to be restricted in hotspots.

However, the thousands of clubs in the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) have also been hit hard, as they are frozen in view of the lockdown and therefore fear a growing decline in membership and a decline in volunteering.

In addition, a number of sports facilities are being converted into corona vaccination centers. “These restrictions inevitably mean that sporting activities suffer even more. Therefore it is not what we could wish for, ”said DOSB President Alfons Hörmann.

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