Atenas de Carmen de Patagones confirmed the continuity of the entrerriano Diego Lifschitz

The Board of Directors of Atenas de Carmen de Patagones began with the first actions to shape the team that will play the next edition of the Argentine League.

The Greek Maragato confirmed his participation at the beginning of November and, with the competition start date that will be February 8, he has to put all the energy into the team formation.

The first confirmation is that of the entrerriano coach Diego Lifschitz, who arrived in Athens in the first days of 2020 when the team was not going through its best moment and with a lot of work he rose in the table to get to be in fifth position at the time of giving up after the season, with a very good team game.

The strategist born in Villaguay, with extensive experience, comes from being an international technical assistant in Aguacateros de Michoacan, in Mexico, and is expected again in Patagones in the first days of January. Although there was always dialogue with the Board of Directors, the definitions that will surely be given as days go by.

Despite the pandemic and with a lot of effort, Athens will have its sixth season in the second step of National Basketball, managing to play two conference finals. The most used hashtag this season will be #UnClubConHistoria to celebrate the 90 years of this institution.



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