Angelina Graovac, the tennis player who tries to save her career by collecting money with an OnlyFans account

It is known that a career in professional tennis demands, in addition to a high degree of talent, money that is difficult for most of the world’s players to obtain in their first steps. Until some resounding success comes, every penny is counted and every step carefully planned.

In this sense, many and many seek alternatives that allow them to pay for the expenses of an incipient trajectory. It’s what the Australian did Angelina Graovac by opening an account in one of the most famous sites in the world for the sale of explicit photographic and audiovisual material.

The 19-year-old player has been participating in the ITF circuit for just over two seasons. In that stratum, he played mostly $ 15,000 tournaments, rarely accessing the main teams. So far, she has played 46 matches in those contests, of which she won 9, with an official profit reported by the WTA of $ 3,043.

Her short career did not earn her, yet, too many points in the ranking of the women’s circuit or allowed her to gain access to the senior staff, although in her last tournament she achieved her best triumph, by winning an ITF qualifying in Monastir (Tunisia) to the local Ferdaous Bahri, ranked 1,326 in the rankings, and climbed 114 places to reach position 1,057 in the ITF.

Angelina Graovac added almost 15 thousand followers to her Instagram since the news broke. Instagram photo

So, according to two Swiss media (Look and Nau), Graovac looked for another alternative to start earning more important money than what he has been able to raise on the courts -mainly- European: open an account on the popular site OnlyFans.

The portal, a millionaire business that has more than 20 million users, offers anyone the possibility of opening an account and publishing its content. Mainly, it is used to commercialize explicit sexual material: for a payment in dollars that can vary according to the “hierarchy” of the same, the content can be accessed.

This is what, according to these media, the Australian did, who has almost 30,000 followers on her Instagram account.

The newspaper Daily Mail from her country tried to contact her, but she did not want to speak about it. In addition, since the news came to light, he deleted some photos from that social network.

According Yahoo Australia, the platform has been more than profitable for some athletes from those lands, for example the pilot Renee Gracie, who turned to the sale of content and would be earning about 25 thousand dollars a month: recently, the athlete showed off the Mercedes Benz that was bought.

In light of these publications, Graovac made a post on his Instagram in which he left a phrase that seemed dedicated to said information. “There is a lot of negativity in this world. Do my best to make sure you don’t contribute to it,” she wrote alongside a series of photos in London.

Graovac is not the first tennis player to immerse herself in this universe. Although somewhat indirectly, Bernard Tomic, former number 17 in the world in the men’s circuit, also gave free rein to this vein along with his partner, Vanessa Sierra, who is precisely a recognized model of this type of platform.




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