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The reason Rajon Rondo betrayed the Celtics and joined the Lakers

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Rajon Rondo won the second ring of his career with the Lakers last October, while winning the first for the Celtics. A betrayal certainly badly lived on the East Coast, but that Rondo explains by a simple reason.

Fans have seen their fair share of traitors in recent years in the league, Kevin Durant being in particular the favorite target of Internet users after having abandoned OKC to go and win at Golden State. In Boston, it was rather Rajon Rondo who had to become an outcast.

The veteran, however, left the legendary green franchise a few years ago, at the end of 2014 to be exact, after having spent half of his career there and taking part in the conquest of the Celtics title in 2008. And it is as if all these years had been swept away by a signing two years ago at the Lakers.

Rondo not only played for the nemesis, but he also helped them win. Moreover, for the anecdote, the leader was present for the 17th and last title of the Celtics, exactly as for the Lakers this year. He was asked about it in the podcast All The Smoke and explains its reasons:

Matt Barnes : Did you ever think you’d be a Laker?

Rondo region : I never thought about becoming a Laker in my career, but at the time I only had two teams that wanted me, including New Orleans. The Lakers offered me money, the league wanted to get me out of here, what did you want me to do?

Rondo was indeed in New Orleans two years ago and had the opportunity to stay there. He eventually joined the Lakers for financial reasons, and probably because he knew he would be more likely to win the title alongside LeBron James.

Speaking of the King, Rajon Rondo’s presence on his team arguably made him even more hypocritical in the eyes of fans. As a Celtic years before, Rondo was a rival to LeBron, his Cavaliers, and then his Heat in the East. A strong rivalry since the veteran went so far as to show off with a “LeBron is ab * tch” t-shirt.

This second Rondo ring will definitely go down the throats of some Celtics fans. He has already turned the page on his side and will now play mentors with Trae Young in Atlanta.

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