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Lewis Hamilton knighted by Queen Elizabeth | Motorsport

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Hamilton is on a list of 1,239 names that Buckingham Palace published late Wednesday night. This year Hamilton equaled the record of Michael Schumacher with his seventh world title. The Mercedes driver has already surpassed the legendary German with 95 victories in a Grand Prix.

Sir (!) Lewis Hamilton is the third British Formula 1 driver to be knighted after Jackie Stewart and Sterling Moss. The 35-year-old driver was already allowed to call himself a member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE). He received that title after he became world champion for the first time in 2008.

“Lewis is a great figure in our sport and his influence is enormous, both in Formula 1 and beyond. What he has achieved is phenomenal and there is more to it, ”said Stefano Domenicali, the new Formula 1 boss. to be seen in 2021. “

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