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Judo-Wels thinks outside the box with distinction

by archysport

CATFISH. In the judo performance center Multikraft Wels, the “Fighter of the Year” is chosen year after year. There was no shortage of candidates in their own club. But those responsible opted for a judoka from the Bundesliga club UJZ Mühlviertel who was hard hit by an accident.

“Sport not only connects, it writes enlightening stories even in gloomy Corona times,” said coach Manfred Dullinger and multi-strength functionary Willi Reizelsdorfer at the award ceremony to Christoph Scheiblhofer. The 18-year-old is considered a top talent with a big fighter heart. He fought for his life after a devastating accident at work. Despite serious injuries, the Mühlviertel judoka slipped into his competition kimono just six months after the accident – and began with targeted training. In the Olympic Center in Linz he has now been awarded the Wels Prize. “Many Thanks! This is the best award for me, ”said the visibly surprised at the handover. Despite all the competition, sport always writes beautiful stories and helps.

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