Ant: I have no right to comment on the trial. We will do it officially

The discipline of Riga’s “Dinamo” players could have been better in the away loss against Cherepovets “Severstal” on Wednesday, but “Dinamo” head coach Pēteris Skudrs had many questions about what was going on in the match, promising to ask the league officially, Skudra pointed out at the post-match conference.

It has already been reported that on Wednesday, Dinamo Riga lost Cherepovets’ Severstal 2: 4.

Mārtiņš Dzierkals and Miks Indrašis scored for Dinamo. Indrašis has scored in seven of the last eight games, scoring in all matches in this series.

“Our discipline could be much better,” Dinamo head coach Pēteris Skudra called the discipline for the first time at the post-match press conference.

“It simply came to our notice then. I personally want to understand. We will send [ziņas] and let’s ask. There are too many questions. It is not clear what it was today. It is clear that our discipline was not good today. That is unequivocal. I have no right to comment on the trial. We will do it officially, ”the coach aimed at the quality of the trial in Cherepovets.

“It’s a pity that we had a good game again today, but there were also some absolutely poor decisions,” the coach commented on the quality of the game, adding that we should play more purposefully, despite what was happening on the field and the result, which failed on Wednesday.

“Severstal” head coach Andrejs Razins added that it was a difficult match, as it was previously said in the team that the opponent is unpredictable, because he won the last game against the St. Petersburg SKA and gained positive emotions. He emphasized that “Dinamo”, which is in the last place in the league, has nothing to lose.

Razin praised his team, which did not “drop” the start and took the lead with 3: 0. However, he did not like the team relaxing and taking a light first goal.

Meanwhile, former Dinamo player Zek Mitchel, who was placed in the refusal draft by the Riga club and chosen by the Cherepovets unit, has still not reached the Russian city because he “broke the contract on his own initiative”.

Dinamo ”with 15 points in 33 matches is still in the last place in the league, while“ Severstal ”with 38 points in 34 battles in the Western zone is sixth.




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