Aitor Elordi dominates the limited

The third time was the charm. Aitor Elordi added his first individual title yesterday at the Beotibar fronton in Tolosa. The Biscayan won the Cuatro y Medio promotion txapela after a very serious duel in which he dominated Egiguren V. The one from Mallabia came from losing hand to hand and pulled out his thorn. It was a very different ball from then. Serious, focused and with perfectly clear ideas of what he had to do at all times, he gave his rival no option.. The one from Azpeitia paid the rigors of standing in a peak crash with just one year as a professional. Despite the fact that the stands are still empty and the pressure may be less for the protagonists, the tension that this type of duel entails marks. And the greater seniority of the one who wore red had a lot of weight when it came to reading the crash and putting together the planned script.

Because the mallabitar did it perfectly. He did not make a single mistake, and the concessions made to his opponent could be counted on the fingers of one hand. More whole from the first moments, Elordi was able to express himself in a distance that is conducive to his playing characteristics. He enjoyed on the court in a meeting in which the protagonists are not used to doing it. He printed speed to the ball and did not drop two blows to the same place, so his rival was a sea of ​​doubts for many minutes.

Egiguren V and Elordi greet each other after finishing the match.
Egiguren V and Elordi greet each other after finishing the match.

Will play with the greatest

Egiguren V felt cornered and the advantage obtained by the Biscayan was too heavy a drag. He is young – he is 20 years old – and living such an experience served him well, although the disappointment at the end of the contest was evident. His smile gave Elordi away. In addition to the txapela, next year the first-class team will play with the greatest. Another one to add to the shortlist of candidates that Aspe has. But until then there is much left, and yesterday he had to enjoy a well-deserved victory. A victory in which he set the pace from the start, controlled the times from time to time and avoided any type of reaction from the Gipuzkoan.

Although in the first bars Azpeitia’s showed some resistance, Elordi did not let him grow and took him out of the crash as soon as he had a chance. The partial of 15-1 that he endorsed after the 3-2 was decisive. Looser on the court, Mallabia’s served well, took advantage of his volley to make Egiguren V retreat and, with more holes, the shot was easier.

The one in blue was not bad, but he did not manage to put his opponent in trouble more than on certain occasions. By the time he managed to chain a couple of goals in a row it was too late. It was after the second mandatory break after pulling off a perfect hook and Elordi failing to return a serve to the wall. In the next, the Biscayan hindered his rival after being sold. It crossed when it was going to enter the ball, but the judges did not indicate anything and, a little later, Elordi stopped it in the ‘txoko’. It was the beginning of the end. The txapela definitely headed towards Mallabia. Three more goals were enough for him and he achieved them in another stroke. The last serve. In little more than half an hour the colorado raised his arms. The silver Four and a Half was his. After such a complicated year, he had to celebrate.


Many won: 14 | So many lost: 0 | Serving numbers: 2

Egiguren V

So many won: 4 | So many lost: 6 | Serving numbers: 1



Total time:



1-0, 1-1, 3-1, 3-2, 5-2, 5-3, 18-3, 18-5, 22-5


Final played behind closed doors at the Beotibar fronton in Tolosa.


No corridors.




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