NBA: Pöltl stays with San Antonio Spurs

Of this, around 18 to 20 percent are expected to be withheld due to Covid-19. The official signing of the contract should take place on Sunday. Pöltl was a “Restricted Free Agent” and talks about future contracts were allowed to begin on Saturday midnight.

The Viennese has two seasons behind him at Spurs, the play-offs were recently just missed. Before that, San Antonio had reached the play-offs 22 times in a row – a record. Pöltl spent his first two NBA seasons with the Toronto Raptors, the only Canadian NBA club and last year’s title holder. The 2.13-meter athlete took the rookie contract signed four years ago to San Antonio, and now his second NBA contract is being signed.

Played 301 matches in four seasons so far

In his four NBA seasons, Pöltl has earned a total of 12.2 million US dollars (around 10.28 million euros) so far. The now occurring increase in the salary scheme is in the expected range, with an annual salary of eight to ten million US dollars had been speculated. In the “bubble” of Orlando he had shown good performance in the absence of some regular players, he averaged 7.4 points and 7.4 rebounds in the eight games in the “Bubble” in Orlando. Pöltl has played 301 NBA matches so far.

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Pöltl performed well in the “Bubble” in Orlando

By November 11th, Pöltl had laid a foundation in Vienna in the physical area and with targeted ball training, since then he has been waiting in San Antonio for the course to be set. “It was associated with a certain tension to experience the Free Agency for the first time,” said Pöltl in a broadcast. “There were various considerations, and in the end a fair deal came out.” Both sides could be satisfied with that. “I am looking forward to being on track in the years to come.”

“I am very positive about the future”

For the former Vienna Timberwolves player it was crucial that the Orlando “bubble” had a good perspective before the elimination. “We have some young players with a lot of potential. I am very positive about the future, “said the 25-year-old. “I have also felt very comfortable in San Antonio over the past two years, I know and like the city and my teammates.”

He is confidently tackling his fifth NBA season, the start of which has been set for December 22nd. “We still have a good mix of experienced and young players,” said Pöltl. “We younger people can learn from the old hands and I hope that we can take over as seamlessly as possible.” On December 1st, the Spurs will go to a training camp. “I am currently working with the Spurs coaches and will do everything I can to start the training camp as fit as possible.”


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