Alex Zanardi transferred to the hospital in Padua: “It’s stable”

This was communicated by the Milanese structure

In what conditions it is currently paid Alex Zanardi? The blue sport icon, involved in a serious handbike accident last June 19 (which forced him to undergo five operations on his head), left ItalySan Raffaele hospital in Milan, where he was treated since July 24, and was transferred to thehospital of Padua.

Alex Zanardi is stable

The hospital of the Lombard capital has communicated that the athlete has reached conditions of stability such as to allow the passage in the Venetian structure.

Closer to home

Alex Zanardi medal winner

So, Alex Zanardi leaves the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and lands in the hospital in Padua. The announcement came from the structure of the Lombard city which took the opportunity to provide an update on health state of the former pilot. According to what is learned, Zanardi has reached a neurological and physical condition of overall stability which made it possible to move to another hospital.

The hospital of Padua is equipped with all equipment and clinical specialty necessary to take better care of Alex Zanardi, without forgetting that he is closer to his family home. Consequently, relatives, friends and, in general, the closest loved ones of the 1966 class will have even more opportunity to make him feel all their support.

Hopes are growing

Alex Zanardi celebrates

In short, we are pleased to report positive news for Zanardi. The conditions of the 54-year-old are stable. An encouraging result that feeds the hopes. In the note of the San Raffaele hospital there is also mention of the path performed by the sportsman over the past two months.

Alex Zanardi: a long battle

Zanardi at the presentation of Challenges

Arrived at the Milanese facility on 24 July, in conditions of severe instability systemic and neurological, Alex Zanardi initially underwent a period of intensive resuscitation, after which he underwent a surgical drawing, first of all to resolve the late complications related to the primary trauma and then for the cranial and facial reconstruction. In the last two months, he has also had the opportunity to undertake a physical and cognitive rehabilitation process.


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