LeBron James and Michael Jordan continue to shape the debate of who is the best player in NBA history, which means that there are those who cannot understand when they choose the opposite. To understand a little better those who understand that it is an insult to LeBron to consider him as the second and not the GOAT, here are five reasons to understand them.

The first reason has no discussion: LeBron was in charge of leading three different franchises to win the NBA title, but he also managed to be MVP of the NBA Finals in three of his four NBA rings. Further, the number of records James has held over the years puts him indisputably in the discussion.

LeBron managed to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and faced a super team like the Golden State Warriors. After losing in the series 1-3, the Cavs managed to turn around and prevailed in one of the best NBA Finals in history. Of course, Without the King this could not have been achieved and it is another great reason for which they mention, according to Fadeway World.

Michael Jordan announced his second retirement in 1999, at the age of 35. At that time, His Majesty played his last game for the Chicago Bulls where he won his sixth championship and here is a difference with the King. LeBron, who turns 36 on December 30, will continue to chase rings for some time to come, and that longevity over the years is a very difficult mark to replicate. There is another foundation there.

Technology is in favor of LeBron James

Another fundamental aspect is that everything done by Michael Jordan was in the past It’s been over 20 years and that means it’s very difficult to remember or inform the younger audience. The same happened before and continues to happen with other great bastions such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell o el propio Wilt Chamberlain.

LeBron James is the best player in the age of social media. Twitter and Instagram are capable of terribly influencing public opinion and there is no doubt that they are also another fundamental reason. In the same way, there are many people who have gray hair and understand that the King is the GOAT, even above Michael Jordan himself.


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