esports in Argentina, gaming houses and the role of women in the scene

Bethlehem Giullieti

The coronavirus affected many industries, including traditional sports. However, electronic sports in our country they reached the highest peak in our country in the middle of the pandemic.

In the first week of quarantine, internet consumption for gaming in Argentina grew more than 100% compared to a normal day, and more than 69% in the entire isolation period.

From the hand of Fer Carolei, We invite you to know the national esports scene from two topics that deserve their space: gaming house and the role of women in Argentina in the world of gaming.

“A gaming house is a space, an office where we have the resources so that a team can train at a higher level with 140hz monitors, with good peripherals, with good top-level computers, with air conditioning, with space for the therapist, with a nice kitchen, with pieces to sleep well. A place where kids can work and develop “, explained Frankkaster, leader of 9z Team.

“Gaming houses do not have to be mandatory models for teams either. Even this model of gaming house is mutating to that of gaming office, which are different models according to the situation of each team at the moment. There are teams that are under development. that need a certain structure. There are teams that are more consolidated that are developing another structure. And that is a bit of what we are seeing, “added Juan Diego García Squetino, Country Manager of LVP.

The female scene will be able to grow even more once progress is made on gender inequality, a reality that, as in other areas, does not escape the world of esports. But better, they tell it themselves.

“I believe that now the environment is becoming a much more inclusive environment in every sense. I feel at least very comfortable and I have had very few situations that I have not liked in relation to gender. I am very close to the Chilean, from Luchi. , from China, and we always talk all the time about how difficult it is and how angry it is, there are times when some injustices such as making you feel inferior, or wanting to make you feel inferior, and I think that staying together is something to me. it helps to be even stronger, “said Belén Giullieti, proplayer.

“Why is it so difficult to build a team with a woman when there is no difference when playing, there is no physical impediment, there is nothing? There is no difference between men and women when playing. I think that will change when an important team … Tier 1, Tier 2 give space and give a chance to a woman in their team, and so they will be able to see that there is no difference “, added Eve Denisse” Chjna “Acuña .




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