Basketball player Satou Sabally describes Donald Trump as a racist

Bascetic ball professional Satou Sabally is hoping for the election of American President Donald Trump. For them, Trump is a racist. “He’s just dangerous. He says things that urge extremists to use violence, “said the 22-year-old Berliner in the podcast of the current sports studio:” This whole ‘America First’ is ridiculous. “

Sabally, who plays for the Dallas Wings in the WNBA, is also an American citizen and has already voted. “I think everyone knows where I put my little cross,” said Sabally. In addition to her basketball career, she sees herself as an activist and has criticized Trump several times. The national player is currently playing for Fenerbahce Istanbul during the break in play in North America.

NFL star Johnson chooses green

Like Sabally, the German football star Jakob Johnson also plays in an American professional league. The native of Stuttgart, who is under contract with the New England Patriots in the National Football League (NFL), said he had many conversations with teammates about the current political situation in the run-up to the presidential election this Tuesday.

In an interview with the FAZ, Johnson, who also has an American passport and is therefore eligible to vote, said that he does not support Trump or his challenger Joe Biden. Instead, he voted for the Greens.

In American sport, the upcoming election plays a big role. Basketball star LeBron James, for example, presented himself as a great campaigner. “We always talk about that we want change – and now we have the opportunity to do so,” said James, referring to the decision day between incumbent Trump and challenger Biden. For the 35-year-old, it’s about everything, with his campaign “More than a vote, more than one vote”, James calls for voting. And Biden is his favorite, he called Trump a “so-called president” and denied him the skills for the “most important job in the world”.



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