As the builder of the recently crowned champion team, Rob Pelinka might feel he has done his duty. However, he knows that the Lakers’ goals remain big for the future, and has thus revealed the type of player he wishes to sign soon.

Arrived as GM of the Lakers thanks to his liabilities of former agent of Kobe Bryant, Rob Pelinka has discreetly but surely delivered an excellent job in his new functions. He will remain so as the one who convinced LeBron James to join the franchise, and who managed to find common ground with the Pelicans to attract Anthony Davis.

All this, to finally set up the 1st sacred Purple & Gold team since 2010. A major achievement, which did not however allow him to be named Executive of the Year, to the dismay of the Angelinos. The main interested party, for his part, preferred to remain silent, and savor the victorious end of the season for his protégés.

Now Pelinka must once again come into the light, and still be able to put together a competitive squad to achieve the double. Last guest Woj ‘Pod, he therefore delivered his great ambitions for the coming season, but also revealed the front office plans for the following years.

We hope that we will be able to do another run for the title, and that we will add the right pieces around LeBron and AD. But as for the future, if you look at our course, we have flexibility. The goal is to attract another very talented young player to pair him with AD if he decides to sign with us in the long term.

If we rely on the latest indiscretions of the insiders, this is the scenario that intends to follow the star interior of the Lakers in the coming weeks. Therefore, we can imagine that the vice-president of basketball operations has already started looking for this famous young talent who will be able to support Davis in several years.

It only remains to be seen what will be the timing chosen to recruit this famous profile. California leaders can, for example, afford the services of such a player in the coming months, and give him time to adapt while LeBron James remains at the top of his game. They can also wait for the latter to retire from the prosecution, and begin his succession with this high-caliber recruit.

Whatever choice Rob Pelinka and his assistants take, the Lakers clearly intend to remain at the top of the Western Conference for many years to come, even after LeBron retires.

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