Miralem Pjanic attacked harshly against Maurizio Sarri

After the Champions League draw, a crossing in the group stage eclipsed the rest. Two of the candidates for the title will face each other in the first instances: Barcelona will face Juventus, so Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will meet again within a playing field.

In the run-up to the first of these commitments (Wednesday 28 in Turin), Miralem Pjanic, midfielder who landed in Catalonia this season after four years in the Old lady, gave an interview to Tuttosport in which brought to light the conflict that the Turin team maintained with the then coach Maurizio Sarri.

“What I still regret now is that Sarri did not trust men and this disturbed me. When you make a mistake in evaluating people, the worst is left, because each player in that dressing room has always given and will always give the best for the club and the team, “the Bosnian launched, acknowledging the unease that existed among the players the DT.

Despite these clashes, the former Roma considered the attitude of the squad to get things done. “You may not get along with one or two, but that has never affected commitment, because all players want to win, because they are incredible professionals who want to pursue their goal. If a technician questions this, that’s where the spark doesn’t go off of which the president speaks. Nobody doubts the qualities of Sarri as a coach, but there was that problem, “said the midfielder. However, he later clarified: “However, we took home another Scudetto, something that is never easy.”

The Juve With a roster full of figures, he won his ninth consecutive title by harvesting 83 units, only one more than Inter. However, the elimination in the round of 16 at the hands of Lyon decreed the departure of the coach, who was replaced by Andrea Pirlo.

“When the Barcelona-Juventus crossing left, my phone was flooded with messages from my teammates, I also received one from President Agnelli. He said ‘Welcome home!’. I’m happy to meet my former teammates, friends. I have worked great with them, with the president, with many other people. It’s a pleasure, they also told me: ‘better now than in a final, right? “

Pjanic was also asked about the differences between the Flea and CR7. “Messi is awesome! Hard to describe: what you see in the game makes him an alien himselfBut when you see him up close, in training, you realize that it is always like that, it is his natural condition. He amazes you with his technical gestures, it is not something normal. Every time he has the ball something happens ”, he argued. Regarding Portuguese, he stated: “He is an absolute champion. An incredible worker, who takes care of every detail, obsessed with goals, statistics, victories. A true winner, one who has won wherever he has gone, a leader, but also a person who places himself nicely within the group. “

“I am very happy for Pirlo, as a player he gave so much to football. He firmly decided to be a coach and I think he knows very well what the difficulties are. What I can say is that he joins a healthy group, that he loves to win and that he is there to give a hand to the coach ”, he concluded.


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