US Open: Zverev, his brother, cried after the drama

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After the final drama, Zverev, his brother, cried before

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2020 US Open - Day 14 2020 US Open - Day 14

In thoughts with dad: Alexander Zverev after his final defeat


For Alexander Zverev, the family means everything. The fact that he cried after the US Open final revealed how much the separation of father, mother, brother and nephew hurts him. Mischa Zverev had broken off an interview in tears before the match.

Et were the big emotions after a memorable drama. Alexander Zverev had just lost his first final at a Grand Slam tournament. With 6: 2, 6: 4, 4: 6, 3: 6, 6: 7 he was defeated in the dramatic final of the US Open against Dominic Thiem.

At the award ceremony, the 23-year-old stepped up to the microphone and turned out to be a fair loser, congratulating his opponent and thanking his team that had accompanied him in New York for four weeks.

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What he missed most in the isolation and on the biggest day of his career became clear afterwards: “There are some people who are missing in the audience today,” said Zverev and by no means meant the empty ranks that the tournament faced due to the Corona pandemic had taken place: “I want to thank my parents,” he said, before the voice failed and tears broke through: “You are always with me. I miss her. “

Alexander Zverev - debut on the ATP tour

Successful unit: 16-year-old Alexander Zverev with his parents Irina Zvereva and Alexander Zverev senior

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Father Zverev as Santa Claus

Alexander Zverev is generally not a young man of great feelings. Ambitious and determined, he persistently pursues his goals. Without a sense of emotional drama, always free from pathos. But he subordinates everything to the family. And so it was hardly surprising that tears rolled down at the moment of this exceptional emotional situation with five-sentence drama and separation.

Thiem, his buddy, knows about Zverev’s closeness to father, mother, brother and nephew. “You will one day be able to take the trophy home with you and make your family proud,” he said.

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Congratulations on the win, thanks for the consolation: Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem

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It might have been even more difficult emotionally for Zverev if he had won the trophy in the absence of loved ones. Before the final there was a live link with the brothers of the finalists on “Eurosport”.

Moritz Thiem and Mischa Zverev, both active tennis players, talked about the chances and risks of the upcoming duel. When TV expert Boris Becker asked if her brothers knew what such a Grand Slam victory would mean, Mischa Zverev had to break off the interview.

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tennis/mobile211023877/9372504277-ci102l-wWIDTH/Boris-Becker-gewinnt-Wimbledon.jpg" data-srcset=" 1.0x" media="(min-width: 600px)">tennis/mobile211023877/9372504277-ci102l-wWIDTH/Boris-Becker-gewinnt-Wimbledon.jpg" data-srcset=" 1.0x">Triumphant moment, iconic image: Boris Becker celebrates his first Wimbledon victory.

“The question is too emotional for me. I have to think of my father, “he said, swallowed and wiped the tears from his eyes:” I think he will enjoy it. “It is unclear whether he was talking about his brother or his father, who just got from a Covid-19 -He has recovered from the illness and is in Monte Carlo like the whole family.

2020 US Open - Day 1

Contact only via the video wall: Mischa Zverev celebrates from Monte Carlo with brother Alexander Zverev


However, it became clear how depressing the separation situation is for the Zverev family. The 60-year-old head of the family, who had choreographed and accompanied the careers of his sons as a trainer from the beginning, could not be there in New York and only support “Sascha” through his superstition.

Alexander Zverev senior, former Russian Davis Cup player, had not shaved for more than two weeks until the final and, as Misha describes, now looks like a little Santa Claus. The fact that the big presents did not materialize in the end will hardly diminish the joy of seeing you again on Tuesday.




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