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Signs at Messi point to a U-turn

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Lionel Messi? Do not know if his approach is correct

Lionel Messi’s future also concerns his eternal rival Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid captain surprised with his statements about Messi’s thoughts of change.

Lionel Messi has tried with all his might to force his departure from FC Barcelona. But the club doesn’t give in. In order to be able to keep him, a player from the team becomes one of the key figures.

Dhe Spanish sports newspaper “Marca” knew no more limits in the classification. “The football planet depends on Messi,” wrote the paper on Friday. The tenor from Argentina is not much different: “The world is turning its gaze to Barcelona.” But the one around whom everything revolves remains silent and makes everyone wait and speculate.

On his estate in Castelldefels, southwest of Barcelona, ​​33-year-old Lionel Messi still seems to be pondering with his family what to do. “Marca” already listed the pros and cons. Some media reported that Messi still feels right to unilaterally terminate his contract according to a clause and even leave the club for free.

What Messi doesn’t want, however, is an ugly or even dirty departure from the club where he matured into a six-time world footballer. Messi does not want to go to court with the club that accepted him when he was just 13, which he would have to if both he and the club insist on their positions. For their part, those responsible for the association emphasized that the clause has long expired. It is said that it had to take effect by June 10th. As a result of the corona pandemic, Messi believes, a delay is possible in this regard, as at the end of the season.

The role of Suarez in the Messi case

It has now been reported from Italy that the superstar from Argentina could even block a move from strike partner Luis Suárez to Juventus Turin. According to the “Corriere dello Sport” report, Messi wants to make sure that his friend from Uruguay still has a future with the Catalans if he stays at FC Barcelona.

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More precisely: Father Jorge Messi is said to have made it clear during a conversation with club boss Josep Maria Bartomeu that Suárez was essential if Messi should decide not to leave. At least Messi Senior hadn’t ruled out that option either. He had met his son in Castelldefels on Thursday and drove back to Barcelona, ​​20 kilometers away, around an hour and a half later.

Champions League - FC Barcelona Training

Indispensable: Messi made 731 competitive appearances for Barcelona, ​​scored 634 goals and prepared 285. He never saw red. Market value according to 112 million euros


On the way to a parking garage, the father and manager of the six-time world footballer was caught in the car on Thursday. Jorge Messi was asked by a reporter for the Spanish broadcaster “Cuatro” whether they would also consider the possibility of Messi staying for another year. “Si”, (German: Yes) he answered briefly and clearly annoyed before the window automatically opened again and he disappeared into the garage with his car.

In the meantime, Messi’s teammates, recently also Philippe Coutinho after his loan to FC Bayern, have already started preparing for the new season. Messi is still boycotting training under new coach Ronald Koeman.

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What influence he has on the club and especially the fortunes of the team and their inner workings was hinted at by former Schalke player Ivan Rakitic, who was retired by coach Koeman and has now joined Sevilla FC. The 32-year-old midfielder hinted on Spanish radio Cadena Cope that he wasn’t having a particularly good relationship with Lionel Messi.

“I can’t say we were best friends, but Leo always treated me well. He didn’t talk to me about his move. I found out about it through the media, ”said the Croat.

Raktic was asked in the interview whether Arturo Vidal, who had the same position in defensive midfield as Rakitic at Barcelona, ​​had played more than he had because he was friends with the Argentine. “I do not know that. There were decisions I couldn’t understand, but I accepted them for the team, “he replied.

Messi to Seville? Find a place for him

Midfield maestro Ivan Rakitic returns to Sevilla after six years with Barcelona. The Croatian could imagine playing there with his former team-mate Lionel Messi.

There have long been rumors that Barcelona are under a dictatorship of players headed by Messi. Not only Rakitic, but Antoine Griezmann were not among Messi’s favorite teammates and played a lot less than Vidal and Suárez. Radio Cadena Cope’s journalist Juanma Castano raised serious allegations against the world footballer when it emerged that he would like to leave the club on a free transfer: “Messi has imposed his rules on the dressing room. And there are people in this cabin who have suffered from Messi. The bosses fed a monster and it ate them in the end. “

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