Basketball referees: “The situation is desperate”

The Secretary of the Argentine Association of Referees, Cristian Díaz, affirmed that the economic situation of his clients is “desperate” as a result of the standoff suffered by basketball due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The situation is desperate, we need to get back to business because it is our job. Especially in La Liga where many of the referees and technical commissioners depend purely and exclusively on this work and need to generate income again, ”said Díaz.

The leader indicated that 95 percent of the referees depend on the income they receive for directing National League games, and that only one percent have other types of income.

“No arbitrator has told me that he will leave the activity, but there are a large number of colleagues who, as of this crisis, are going to place arbitration as a secondary activity, since it does not provide them with the necessary financial guarantees,” Díaz added in statements made. to Uno Contra Uno Radio.


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