Vinales Falls, Motorcycle Burns, There is a Red Flag


There was a red flag flying in the middle of the 2020 Styria MotoGP race. This happened after Maverick Vinales fell from his motorcycle.

After starting the 2020 Styria MotoGP, Sunday (23/8) evening WIB, Joan Mir, who started the third, immediately shot to the front position. He was followed by Jack Miller and Takaaki Nakagami.

However, it was not long before Jack Miller made his way to pole position, after Mir went wide at the end of Turn 1. He completed the first round of a 28-lap race at the Red Bull Ring in first place, followed by Mir and Nakagami.

A little back, Valentino Rossi made a good start. Starting from 14th position, The Doctor is already in ninth position at the end of the first lap of the 2020 Styria MotoGP race.

Joan Mir and Takaaki Nakagami then got involved in a competition for second place. Nakagami managed to overtake Mir on the third lap and after that even took the lead through his action past Jack Miller with 24 laps remaining.

Entering the remaining 15 laps in the 2020 Styria MotoGP race at the Red Bull Ring, Joan Mir, Jack Miller, and Takaaki Nakagami still occupy the three leading positions and are competing with each other. The three of them are only within the range of under 1.5 seconds.

With 12 laps remaining in the 2020 Styria MotoGP, Maverick Vinales appeared to have fallen off his motorcycle ahead of Turn 1. He did not appear to have any injuries but his motorbike slid off the track and was caught in fire, raising a red flag.

Before that, Maverick Vinales was seen waving his hand even though he was still going. He is suspected of having technical problems with his motorbike. The incident was suspected to have fallen from the motorbike due to brake problems, as he was traveling at 230 km per hour at the end of a straight track.

With this red flag, the 2020 Styria MotoGP will be stopped for a moment. Mir, Nakagami, Miller will be in the top three positions after the restart.

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