“Our priority is to accommodate as many subscribers as possible in Fontajau”

Unlike most other Catalan professional clubs, the Spar Girona has launched its season ticket campaign taking into account restrictive measures for the Covid-19 with a system where stable coexistence groups are prioritized. This, according to Xavi Fernández, has “surprised” apart from their fans that they will not be able to keep their usual seats in the pavilion or, initially, go behind when it comes to subscribing to the coexistence groups of four people . “We have prioritized putting as many subscribers as possible in the pavilion”, points out Xavi Fernández, who defends that, out of responsibility, we had to “put health first”.

The campaign

? “We have a lot of excited people, I’m sure there are some who are also angry, but what we have most are surprised people. We have prioritized getting as many subscribers as possible from those we had last season who could come to the pavilion. With the measures currently in place decreed by the Generalitat, there will be around 2,100 people. People won’t be able to sit where they usually sit and we’ve received complaints about it, but I also think having angry people means our hobby is loyal. They feel like their place in the pavilion and are eager. And this is good, although this year we will not be able to make everyone happy, although we are contacting the older subscribers because we will give them preference after the coexistence packs of four ».

The rest of the clubs

? “I don’t think we’ve thrown ourselves into the pool. We’re talking about people’s health and, from our point of view, throwing ourselves into the pool would have been doing nothing. Sure other clubs have more time, because their competitions start later, but we had to move already. Our party plan is approved by the City Council and the Generalitat and, under current conditions, we could accommodate these 2,100 people. If there is a vaccine later and we can go one step further, we will manage it.

The project

? “At first, our idea was to lower the budget a lot more. But then you see Spar take a step forward as the main sponsor and as a club you have to respond with an exciting project that can fight for the titles. The coronavirus has also caused a market situation that has allowed us to come Gray or Vasic has made it easy for us to continue.




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