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Tuesday, June 30, 2020 –

The former Real Madrid curdled his worst performance as Barca (-1 rating) on ​​the most important day.

Mirotic, during the match against Baskonia.
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Until the grand finale tonight before him Baskonia, the worst performance of Nikola Mirotic with the shirt of the Barcelona it had been a 9 titration before him Valencia Basket in the semifinals of the Super Cup. The Catalan team won that game and then fell in the final against Madrid, with 14 points and 12 valuations by the Hispanic Montenegrin against his former team.

During the regular leagueMirotic was an absolute robot, conquering more than deserved MVP with a 12 as the lowest rating, 22 on average and 18 points per game. Did not disappear into the Copa del Rey, despite the defeat of the azulgrana in the first round against Valencia Basket. He went until 25 points and pulled the car without success.

He was also seen in all Euroleague nights, aware of the weight of his signing for the continental competition. Averaging 22.5 valuation with a minimum of 13. A cicln. And in the Valencia finalswhile the Real Madrid packing his bags prematurely, Mirotic has guided Bara to the final with 16.5 points, the third best mark of the tournament.

Tonight, however, La Fonteta has witnessed Nikola Mirotic’s worst night. In what was supposed to be his first great title as great star of Barcelona, the ex of the Chicago Bulls, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Milwaukee Bucks shipwreck before the defensive of Baskonia. Anot slo eight points, with 4 of 8 in shots of two and one incomprehensible 0 out of 5 in triples. He gave an assist, caught just one rebound and was eliminated for fouls in four minutes from the end of the match.

When the hands of his teammates and rivals trembled the most, Mirotic left the bench. its -1 valuation, the worst among the Barça players, sums up an inexplicable performance seeing how his season had passed both in the Endesa League and in the Euroleague. “We took risks with him. He had two different physical problems. We have tried several therapies,” Pesic justified, who also argued why he decided to leave him on the court with four fouls: “There are players who stay many minutes with four fouls.”

“In Europe competes more. In the NBA the style of play is more individual, it passes through the star of the team, and the year becomes very long, “explained the player during his presentation with Bara after rejecting an offer of up to 45 million for three years by the Chicago Bulls. The course has not been long, but the final s.

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