Roy Keane praises Manchester United star Paul Pogba and hits the critics

Roy Keane made a firm defense of Paul Pogba and explained why he disagrees with the idea that the midfielder is not giving his best for the club.

Pogba is often targeted by some critics, with the perception that the Frenchman has underperformed during his time at United.

The French World Cup winner was also touted for a possible move to Real Madrid or Juventus, with the expiration of his Old Trafford deal in June 2021.

But since the Premier League restart, Pogba is back in action and has established a thriving relationship in the middle of the United midfield with Bruno Fernandes.

And Keane believes that Pogba is an exceptional talent that can help Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team compete for the titles.

“Obviously Pogba had his critics because he’s so talented,” the former United skipper told Sunday Independent.

“If you don’t perform week after week, people who go out for a week will get on their backs. I always say there is a compliment in this.

“People know he’s an exceptional talent, but for some reason, he didn’t freeze. Obviously he had the injury problem this season.


“Just because a player is going through a tough time doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their best. Sometimes a player could bring some hits. Players lose some confidence.

“Everyone is ready to criticize Pogba for his things off the pitch, but let me tell you if Pogba winning week after week for the United States would tolerate his off-field activity, his social media activity.”

Before Keane continued, “I was in the locker room with players like Pogba. There were Man United players who were interested in their hair. We had David Beckham and Lee Sharpe but I loved these guys.

“I have nothing against people … Jesus, what do you think I am? I like people who are a little nervous. If we were all the same it would be boring.

“I liked this idea of ​​guys who come with different cars and watches. This would add to the energy of the dressing room because you have a mixture of characters.

“Cantona and the French guys. I’ve always liked Dutch boys, Scandinavian boys. You needed that mix. Watch Liverpool, different dynamics. Manchester City. ”

The Irishman then concluded: “The key to Pogba, if he wants to become a really important player for Man United, is consistency. It is not good to get up every two to three weeks and produce your piece of magic.

“I think he is more than capable of doing it, he has already done it before. But do it week after week and compete for Man United for the titles. I have a lot of time for him. I think he’s a talented guy. “



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