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TRONDHEIM / OSLO (Dagbladet): Rosenborg and Eirik Horneland chose to end the collaboration after just over a year in the club. His year has been marked by poor sports performance, which eventually led to tremendous pressure.

The man who has taken over is Trond Henriksen, but only on a temporary basis. The experienced RBK coach has been at the club for several periods and he has played for the club for ten years.

While trying to get the results back in place, Rosenborg tops like Ivar Koteng, Tove Moe Dyrhaug and Mikael Dorsin are working to find a new man to take over the team.

It was wondered for a while that Åge Hareide could be the right man, but he dismissed himself as he has recently had his knee surgery.

– That is right. I am newly operated. And for me, no coaching job is relevant until this fall, ”Hareide told VG last week.

MEET THE PRESS: Ivar Koteng met the press on Friday in connection with Eirik Horneland finishing as Rosenborg coach. Video: Mathias Hagen / Dagbladet Show more

Have a list

Otherwise, Bodø / Glimts Kjetil Knutsen has also been named as a possible candidate after building a very strong Glimt team that is in the gold match after four games played.

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When Dagbladet met, among others, Tove Moe Dyrhaug and Ivar Koteng in Trondheim, both were quite silent about the coach hunt that is going on. But opposite Eurosport yesterday they brought new information to the fans.

– We have a small list that we are working on. We hope, of course, to come up with a solution. But we do not have a schedule and we are looking for the quality we want, Koteng said.

– But you have a list? asked reporter Carsten Skjelbred.

“It’s a list, and it’s very short,” Koteng replied.

– Have you had any contact with anyone on that list?

– Yes, we have, replied RBK’s chairman.

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This is what RBK looks for

Then one can only wonder who these candidates are. Mikael Dorsin, sports manager at Rosenborg, also couldn’t say much about what the club looks for.

The Swede would not answer if he was looking for any candidates in his native Sweden. He also didn’t want to say if he was looking for some troughs to take over the club.

– We are looking for a coach who can play the football we want to play. We want a fun attacking football that lies in philosophy and culture. There should be a strong leader who handles pressure and lifts a squad of players. He must understand what it is about to be in Rosenborg, Dorsin told Dagbladet the day after the Horneland exit.

– Are you the leader in the coach chase?

– We’re a team. I am one of them, but we are several trying to find it.

Dorsin is sorry it went as it did with Horneland. He nevertheless commends Rosenborg’s externals.

– There is a man who works hard and works to succeed. But there was something that didn’t work. Then you get to a point where you know we have to do something new. Then we agree that it will be like that, Dorsin said.

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