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What is the summer equivalent of baseball spring training? A question we never thought would need an answer until we entered the upside down.

The official name was announced as the 2020 MLB Summer Camp and presented by Camping World.

Based on the feedback my tweet received to announce this message, many of you are either confused or just roll your eyes at the presence of a presenting sponsor for this event. Well, there’s a reason why it’s there …

You may remember that Camping World was the presentation sponsor of the spring training this year. Since the spring training was terminated prematurely and the summer camp essentially represents the resumption of spring training, Camping World was started to continue and comply with the contract from spring.

And yes, there is a logo!

It’s a big departure from the Spring Training package we’ve seen (see our post on the 2020 Spring Training logos here). The 2020 MLB Summer Camp logo is simply the title of the event, which is stacked in dark blue block letters.

Ironically, the lettering is so tightly packed that you definitely * don’t * practice social distancing!

There are several other alternative representations of this brand, see below:

Players and staff will report to the MLB Summer Camp 2020 on Wednesday, July 1st (Happy Canada Day!), Where they will have to go through medical tests and screening processes before being allowed to enter the facilities. Workouts and baseball activities can start on Friday July 3rd.

The teams can play up to three exhibition games against other MLB teams before the start of the regular season. Intrasquad games are unlimited. We are not yet sure which uniforms to wear for these games, but I would imagine that they will wear their usual outfits for spring training / punching exercises, especially during training.

The opening day in the entire league takes place either on Thursday, July 23 or on Friday, July 24. The teams play a 60 game schedule with 40 games against division opponents and 20 games against the division of the opposing league of the same name in order to reduce the amount of cross-continental trips. For the first time in the 2020 season, there will be a designated batsman in the National League, and all additional innings will start with a runner on the second base.

So … TL; DR? Baseball is coming back!


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