Chris Ramos, the Williams of Badajoz

Chris Ramos, one of the bastions of Badajoz, rival of Bilbao Athletic this July 18 in Algeciras in the first stake of the playoff express promotion to the Second Division, can boast of speeding last season to an entire Iñaki Williams with a start of 33’68 km / h. in the ranks of Real Valladolid, the club to which he belongs on loan to the New Nursery. He beat at 33’59 k / h. of the fastest man in Athletic, leaving Jony Rodríguez third, in Alavés, with 33’44 Km / h. A 23-year-old Chris Ramos, with a reputation for promise that has not yet reached his ceiling, is the linemate of former puppy Gorka Santamaría. The 9 from Bilbao has already become accustomed in training to the devilish speed of the Cádiz point, despite being 1’94, who has a huge stride, and who has dealt with this rough course with a couple of injuries (shoulder and ischia) to meet the challenge of the climb of the Costa del Sol in perfect condition.

Chris Ramos (Cádiz, 16-1-97), who traveled through the Mercadal de Menorca, San Fernando and also on loan from the Sevilla team, is on loan in Badajoz from Real Valladolid, where he made his debut for the first team against Barça B supplying Jaime Mata. In First, with Sergio González as a coach, it premiered in August 2018, at 0-0 at the Montilivi stadium against Girona, where he was replaced in the 63rd minute by Óscar Plano. He settled in Extremaduran lands when he did not find an accommodation last summer at LaLiga Smart Bank. If the Badajoz rises to Second, a purchase option is saved, although in theory he will return to the preseason of the pucelano team, where he has another contract campaign remaining, although it is difficult for him to face the competition of the pearl of his quarry Miguel de la Fuente, now in the subsidiary, and also pending this express promotion playoff , and Marcos André, on loan at the Mirandés. Ramos is a very fast, very tall, thin guy, author of impossible goals at the stroke of a snatch, who is sometimes accused of being indolent in the face of his portentous conditions for which he tries to break through in professional football.

Ramos could only play a few minutes under the orders of Pedro Munitis, current Mister Pacense, because of the hamstring injury he suffered against UD Las Palmas in the Cup. He signed the second goal for Badajoz, but had to be substituted at half-time due to the heavy muscular discomfort. A pity because it returned to recover sensations throwing diagonals starting from the left end after the dislocation of the clavicle which cut its progression in the month of November. He accumulated three consecutive starts and two goals, but again he had to go through workshops and missed the Cup appointments against Eibar and Granada. He returned a few weeks before the forced confinement against Talavera, Villarrobledo and UCAM, enjoying a few minutes to recover a form that was truncated again by the damn coronavirus, although with Dani Aquino becoming strong in his position. Now he exercises normally in the New Nursery thinking about how to be able to cross the lines of Bilbao Athletic endowed with his enviable speed, with Dani Vivian at the cut, and taking off before the Jokin Ezkieta goal at the New Lookout.




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