In principle, Berlin’s social senator Elke Breitenbach (left) is to be thanked for informing the government early on about the dismissal of the state official Karsten Giffey.

Because at the latest the political importance of the disciplinary case is obvious to everyone: only the marriage of the person concerned with the Federal Minister for Family Affairs is the reason why the process could reach the heights of the state government; he is uncomfortable for Franziska Giffey and uncomfortable for the SPD. Otherwise Breitenbach had neither the task nor the authority to report the expulsion upwards.

It’s not about clan-like

Contrary to popular belief, there is no case of clan detention.

At the time of the alleged offense, the Giffeys are a couple of civil servants in the Berlin state service. You on the prominent post of mayor in the Neukölln town hall, he without political ambition at the Lageso in Mitte.

He is said to have turned a business trip into a private trip without permission. With the keyword private travel, on the other hand, it may be allowed to ask about the wife’s knowledge; because it makes bad as a high official, the civil servant husband in the case of offenses – yes what? To support? To leave him alone?

In this respect, there is no case in the Giffeys in which the private becomes political. But the official is political, which it has always been from a certain level and responsibility of those involved.

Franziska Giffey evades this insight by remaining silent and falsely defining the husband’s possible misconduct and her own dealings with them as a family matter.

Why wasn’t the case reported?

Even if it turns out that the district chief at the time knew nothing about it and was, in a way, herself a dupe, the Giffey file remains in the public domain.

Senator Breitenbach will have to explain why she withheld the public prosecutor’s case, where it is only now being investigated. There he would have listened early on, what a district mayor, who was well versed in disciplinary matters, might have known.

It cannot be ruled out that the parties involved wanted to keep an event under cover that would have slowed the rise of an SPD hope in the political Bundesliga.

How can you be silent?


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