Badminton players from distant countries have already arrived in Jelgava for “Yonex Latvia International” – Other sports –

It was planned that players from Vietnam would also fly in on August 29, but their flight was postponed, so they will fly in only on Wednesday. It should be noted that the Raymond Sign from Timor-Leste also arrived a day later than originally scheduled on Saturday due to a delay on the connecting flight.

Some of the players from distant countries come to Latvia directly from very distant countries, such as Raymond Sign from East Timor, while players from Taiwan and Singapore came to Latvia from the French city of Bordeaux, where they participated in the World Ranking Badminton Tournament “Victor Nouvelle-Aquitaine” the previous week.

Badminton players who arrived in Latvia sooner have an opportunity to practice in the Ozolnieki sports school hall in the morning and evening, including together with Latvian players. Four badminton courts have been arranged in Ozolnieki. The visiting players also use gyms in Jelgava, as well as take morning runs on Pasta Island, Jelgava.

On Wednesday, August 31, five competition badminton courts will be set up at the Zemgale Olympic Center and players will have the opportunity to try them out in public training from 16:00.

This year, 219 players from 35 countries are participating in the Latvian tournament. Since the tournament has been held in Jelgava, players from 60 countries have participated in it. This year, participants from East Timor, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Egypt are taking part in Jelgava for the first time.

On Thursday, September 1, the World Ranking Badminton Tournament “Yonex Latvia International” will begin with qualification matches in men’s and women’s singles, as well as in men’s and mixed doubles. On Friday, September 2, the decisive games of the qualifying tournament will take place in the morning. Friday at The official opening ceremony of the tournament will take place at 13:00, and the 1/16 finals of the main tournament will begin at 13:30. On Saturday, September 3, the 1/8 and 1/4 finals will take place, on Sunday, September 4 in the morning, the semifinals, but from 15:00 finals.

The first round of the main tournament with the participation of Latvian players on the Mikolaiv court will be broadcast on TV4 on Friday, September 2 from 1:30 p.m. BadmintonEurope.TV, on the other hand, will provide live coverage of all matches from all five courts.

The next week after the Yonex Latvia International, the world ranking badminton tournament was to take place in Kharkiv, Ukraine. “It seemed obvious to me that at a time when we can hold a tournament, but the next tournament scheduled in the world and European calendar cannot take place because of the war, we honor Ukraine and its victimized cities and badminton centers in our tournament in Latvia,” says Yonex Latvia International of the tournament. director Kristians Rosenvalds, reminding that Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv Odesa and Dnipro are the five cities named after badminton courts at the Jelgava tournament.

After Yonex Latvia International, the next World Ranking badminton tournament will be held from September 12 to 15 in Ibiza, Spain. “Part of the long-distance participants of the Latvian tournament will also participate in the “Iberdrola Spanish International”, so we will be able to see players from East Timor, India and other distant countries in Latvia not only before the tournament in Jelgava, but also more than a week after it,” says Kristians Rozenvads .

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