Bundesliga: video evidence boss Drees: work on the pace of verification

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Project manager Jochen Drees sees the work of the video assistants in the first half of the Bundesliga “more positively than often shown in the media and the public”.

The former FIFA referee said this before the start of the second half of the weekend at the German Press Agency. The person responsible for the video evidence at the German Football Association also emphasized that there was room for improvement in two areas.

“However, we have to improve in the identification and determination of the existing and generally high intervention thresholds of the video assistants,” said Drees. “In addition, we have to work on optimizing the speed of the check without endangering the video assistant’s duty of care and the referee’s certainty on the court.”

In professional football, there is still uncertainty as to when the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) intervenes – and when not. In addition, it always takes too long for a controversial situation to be reviewed.

Drees and the top referees want to continue working consistently on changing public awareness and expectations. «The video assistant is basically only responsible for preventing clear, obvious wrong decisions and is not there to make the better decision. So the introduction of the video assistant was also decided by the clubs of the federal leagues, »explained the 49-year-old.

The cooperation between the video assistant teams and the referees was also a focus during the winter training camp of the top German referees in Portugal. “Through daily simulator training, in which complex scenes had to be processed, we dealt intensively with the communication and work processes,” said Drees.


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