LIVE: 2nd men’s downhill training on Thursday in Wengen 2020, preliminary report, start list and live ticker

Wengen – The first men’s downhill training was held on the Lauberhorn on Tuesday. The second downhill training, which was initially scheduled for Wednesday, was postponed to Thursday and set at 12.30 p.m. This allowed the speed racers to relax a little and the track workers dedicated themselves to grooming the slopes. The official FIS Start list for the 2nd downhill training on Thursday in Wengen, as well as the start numbers and the FIS live ticker can be found in the menu above!

Mauro Caviezel Switzerland set the best time in the first timed test run. Something like that is to the taste of the many fans who want to enjoy the Lauberhorn downhill to the fullest on Saturday. There is even an anniversary this year; It is the 90th time that top-class ski races have been held in the Bernese Oberland.

Facts and Figures (Lauberhorn downhill run)
5th men’s departure in Wengen 2019/20

FIS start list: 1st downhill training in Wengen
FIS live ticker: 1st downhill training in Wengen
FIS final score: 1st downhill training in Wengen
FIS start list: 2nd downhill training in Wengen
FIS live ticker: 2nd downhill training in Wengen
FIS final score: 2nd downhill training in Wengen
FIS start list: men’s departure in Wengen
FIS live ticker: men’s departure in Wengen
FIS final score: men’s departure in Wengen

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Everyone is also looking forward to the duel between local hero Beat Feuz and the South Tyrolean Dominik Paris, While the “Kugelblitz” often landed on the podium in the Bernese Oberland, the Ultner has never managed to finish in the top three. In the first training session, the Confederate bluffed, the Super G World Champion came third.

The route, which takes around two and a half minutes of driving time, requires every athlete to be extremely focused right from the start. Whoever makes the least mistakes will be happy about the victory. The timeless classic has been chosen by many athletes as their favorite piste, because adrenaline and palpitations are always provided. The ski racers must have the courage, stamina and willingness to take risks and often have to jump over their own shadows, which means to go beyond their own limits.

The American showed behind Caviezel Ryan Cochran-Siegle its great class. The Austrians for downhill Olympic champion Matthias Mayer were more likely with a handbrake on. The same time Thomas Dreßen and the Confederate Carlo Janka eighth was pretty clean; and many others like Kjetil Jansrud from Norway and other top athletes were rather reserved.

Christof Innerhofer from South Tyrol would like to celebrate his comeback on Saturday. The Pusterer, who has already won in the Bernese Oberland and knows the route with its finesse and key points inside out, showed a satisfactory performance in the first training session.

As already mentioned, a break was made on Wednesday before the downhill specialists or the second and final training session on the Lauberhorn route was due on Thursday.

Preliminary report for Andreas Raffeiner


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