Tennis British reserve shown in new study

British reserve shown in new study


Old stereotypes that the British are introverted seem to have been borne out by a new study which shows that more than half would use "reserved" and "shy" tags on themselves.

And one in four Britons say they dislike who they are, the study suggests.

A survey by data analytics team YouGov showed 60% of respondents described themselves as "reserved", compared to only 31% who called themselves "outgoing".

Men were more likely to say they were reserved, 63% compared to 56% of female respondents.

And older people were more likely to be outgoing than younger respondents, with 40% of the 55-plus age group describing themselves as outgoing, compared to just 20% among the 16-24 age group.

Meanwhile, 57% of the respondents called themselves "shy".

Bashfulness was more prevalent among the 16-24 year age group, with 66% feeling shy, compared to 48% for those aged 55 plus.

When asked if Britons liked themselves, 73% answered in the affirmative but 25% said they did not, the survey found 3,450 British adults.

"Younger people are much more likely than older to say they are not happy with who they are, with three out of 10 (31%) 16-24 year olds saying they dislike most of themselves time, compared to only one in ten (10%) of those age 55 plus, ”YouGov said.

The most important factors affecting self-esteem appear to be employment and relationship status.

A total of 43% of respondents who are not employed and do not study said they did not like themselves, while only 23% were not among those with jobs.

And 31% of people who weren't in relationships said they didn't like themselves, compared to 20% of them in relationships.

The survey also asked if people thought they had a "strong" or a "soft" character. While 30% put themselves in the latter category, 62% called their grades strong, including 14% saying theirs was "very strong".

Among those with soft grades, 88% called themselves shy, compared to only 34% of those with very strong grades.

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