News Griezmann to Barcelona, ​​a liberation for Atlético

Griezmann to Barcelona, ​​a liberation for Atlético



Antoine Griezmann's lawyers have paid the rescission clause of the French striker, who will become Barcelona's new player until 2024 with a clause of 800 million euros. Atlético de Madrid loses to the one that has been its flag player in the last seasons, but it takes a weight off because the movements of the Gaul since last summer have ended up generating a satiety in the fans mattress and the noble part of the Metropolitan. The contract of 25 million euros that made the world champion one of the highest paid players on the planet also caused tensions in a wardrobe that, from now on, will recover part of the salary balance that should never have been lost.

Griezmann landed at Atlético de Madrid in the summer of 2014, just a few months after Simeone's team conquered the league, precisely in the last game of the championship played at the Camp Nou. It was difficult for the Frenchman to get involved in the dynamic of the team although he ended up celebrating his first big night with a triplet in San Mamés shortly before the start of 2015. From then on, with his goals and his delivery in each match, he began to win the heart of a hobby that ended up idolizing him, but that has ended tired of his whims and flirts not only with Barcelona. Also weary of the comments and insinuations of his brother Theo, as when last summer "approached" the star to Manchester United.

The French striker leaves the Metropolitano appearing in the statistics as the fifth highest scorer in the history of Atlético de Madrid (133), but without leaving a special mark on a hobby that for years learned that no player is essential and that the only thing always remains is the feeling and the shield (although that is another open front). Despite his goals and his afternoons of celebrations, Griezmann will never be able to share the same pedestal as a legend like Luis Aragonés. His childish behavior in the last year slammed that door. The kisses to the shield and the words are not always convincing and the colchonera people never finished trusting in the Gaul. A player as different on the grass as comfortable outside him assuming a media role that he did not always know how to put a stop to at the right time. An ambiguity that took him away from the rojiblanco hearts.

Griezmann can not be denied his delivery at each meeting. In attack and defense has been left to the last drop of sweat by Atlético de Madrid, but, as much as he tried, has not finished understanding the feeling of a hobby and a club for which loyalty are so flag like the bear and the madroño, or the seven red-and-white stripes on the shirt. The club made the mistake of giving everything, even a chip over their real possibilities, but has returned to check the maxim of Enrique Cerezo: "the players play where they want despite the termination clauses." However, the president must also remind rojiblanco that reducing the armor from 200 to 120 million as of June 30, has not helped the continuity of French. A footballer who last summer "played" with Barcelona by announcing "The Decision" to continue at Atlético and a year later has no qualms about undoing the road he has traveled.

Pay 25 million per season to a player, no matter how world champion, is a danger to the balance of a dressing room and the rojiblanco booth was no exception because other colleagues also knocked on the door of Gil Marín to reduce the economic gap with the gala star, who in the last season has not finished performing according to his emoluments of world figure.

The Frenchman is leaving the Metropolitan having been a professional in every training, in every game, but leaving cold and indifferent to a hobby that was aware for a long time, a long time, that the outcome of this Friday with the payment of the clause of Rescission was just a matter of which Griezmann wanted. In Atlético it has been everything, now in Barcelona, ​​along with other stars, we will have to see its shine. Now he will sit at the same table as the Argentinian, although perhaps it is only in the dining room. Time will tell. What is certain is that Atlético and its people take a weight off, and not only economically.

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