Sport Mikel Urrutikoetxea: "The work is done, now it only...

Mikel Urrutikoetxea: "The work is done, now it only needs to go well on Saturday"


Although Mikel Urrutikoetxea is Baiko Pilota's only pelotari in the semi-finals of the Manomanista, he does not feel any more pressure. He arrives at Saturday's match in Bizkaia against Ezkurdia with high morale after his resounding victory against Bengoetxea VI and with good feelings to measure himself «to a totally different rival».

How are you?

– Physically good, with desire and enthusiasm. I am aware that I have a very complicated game, but nice at the same time. I have prepared it well. The work is done. Everything has gone perfect, now it is only necessary to leave the day of the meeting, which is not usually easy.

Seen as I was a year ago suffering from a virus, do you value more where is it?

– Last year I was in a dark cave where you do not see the exit. I lost all summer, I did not know when I was going to recover and I had bad moments. We get out of the pothole and again we are enjoying.

Do the doubts of the first hand-to-hand encounter also happen?

– In the first match we all have them because dressed in white things change. There is always tension, but things went well. Now I'm focused on Ezkurdia which is a totally different rival.

He came out reinforced from that game.

– It is always important to win a pelotari like Bengoetxea VI, champion in the three modalities, because it gives a victory like that.

Ezkurdia has won the two times they have faced each other. Is it worth something?

– No way. In its day it served to pass of round, but can not be taken from references meetings of previous seasons. The moment of play, the meeting … Everything is different.

«You can not take as a reference meetings from previous seasons because everything is different»

In the previous clashes with Navarre, he was accused of being more unstable from the mental point of view, something he has corrected. Do you see him stronger than ever?

– The previous years also did things well but it is not easy to reach a final. I have always seen him very well. He is a pelotari with many qualities.

If you look at the moment they both go through, will it be a tough match?

– I'll have to do things very well. I hope it is a tough match and that people enjoy it, because it will be a sign that it has been hard fought and exciting.

Do you have more pressure because you are the only representative of Baiko Pilota?

– No way. In each tournament I try to do my best, and if I get good results it's good for me and for the company.

What would it mean to reach the final of the Manomanista?

– It would be something very nice because it is never easy to reach it, and especially the hand to hand. But I only think about the clash on Saturday and if I am lucky enough to pass the round then we will focus on it.

The material

No problem:

«Each one has found the balls that he was looking for in the basket, so, in that aspect, there will be no excuses. The ones from Ezkurdia are a little more alive, but I also liked the ones that the Navarrese has selected ».


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