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Death of a Legend: The Most Famous Quotes by Niki Lauda


The death of Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda has brought the motorsport world and his native Austria into deep mourning. The ex-racing driver and entrepreneur died at the age of 70, as his doctor Walter Klepetko confirmed. "Niki Lauda fought, he was a great man, but it has been clear for some time that we can not bring him back to the" racetrack "," said the doctor from the Vienna General Hospital of the Austrian news agency APA. "There is no cause of death, it was a long process that ended the patient."

Lauda always had health problems

Lauda has "peacefully fallen asleep in the circle of his immediate family in the University Hospital in Zurich," according to the APA reported. "For the last ten months, we have been at his side every minute, laughing, crying, hoping and suffering with him, but in the end, Niki left his forces yesterday," it said.

The 70-year-old with the red cap as a trademark had since his serious accident on the Nürburgring in 1976 repeatedly struggling with health problems. He had twice had to undergo a kidney transplant because of late effects. After the end of his racing career, he founded three airlines and was a frequent Formula 1 expert on television. We have summarized some of his most famous quotes here.

Niki Lauda about the Formula 1

  • "This little world of circus monkeys." (Lauda about Formula 1)

  • "But I've always said a monkey can ride today's Formula One cars – including me."
  • "There are thousands of young guys who can drive faster than me, but I'm in a Ferrari." (Lauda about his life as a racer)

  • "I'm sick of dodging around in a circle." (After his first retirement in 1979)

  • "With today's driver's salaries, as an American, I would probably sue my mother for giving me birth too soon." (Lauda on the salaries in Formula 1)

  • "We had to deal with the fact that we may not be there tomorrow, we lived faster, more intense." (Lauda about life as a Formula One driver)

  • "I hope that the startup car does not overtake us behind us." (As race director and team leader of Jaguar in 2002 about its slowness)

  • "Racers are selfish pigs who try everything to win." (Lauda about his former profession)

  • "The difference was the cows, which are not available at any other Grand Prix, so Austria has always been the cow Grand Prix." (Lauda about the race in his home country)

Niki Lauda about perfection

  • "Man is ready to admit everything, just not that he is a bad driver."

  • "It's not easy to be perfect, but it has to be one."

  • "Since I live in my profession only from the right foot, I do not care how I look." (Lauda about vanity)

Niki Lauda about life and death

  • "I thought so: not like that with me, that was good and motivated me to stay alive." (About the moments after receiving the last oilings after his serious accident at the Nürburgring in 1976)

  • "My whole life has been like a game, I've always taken risks, so I do not need gambling." (Lauda when asked if he likes going to casinos)

  • "Life is more important than the World Cup title, I do not want to kill myself, at least not a second time …" (Lauda 1976 after his job at the rain race in Japan)

  • "I think I know how to spend the money at the right moment." (Lauda when asked if he was stingy)

  • "I was dead at short notice. Now I am resurrected." (Lauda after his lung transplant to "look")

A black and white photo shows ex-Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda


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