"If when we were about to go to Segona everything was crazy, living these years of Girona is a gift," explains Bartomeu Pagès (Sant Jaume de Llierca, 1954), the Girona scorer in the late 70's, emphasizes the fact that Montilivi is First person star in matches at the highest level. "It is not appreciated enough that today the game 50 is played Primera; A dream that many of us have pursued, without success, has been fulfilled throughout our entire career. " Bátard was born at the start of the season, in front of the players who sang their blood: he defended the colors of Girona between 1976 and 1980 and scored fifty goals. "I arrived with the equipment installed in Tercera, at a time when the winner only climbed to Second. It coincided that the following year the categories were restructured because the Second B was released and we were not champions for two points, "he regrets with that competitive spirit that he still maintains. Since then, the transformation is obvious. "We tried to be professionals, but without earning a living. We did not have established habits. Diet? At our time we ate everything, even too much. I would have already done well, play with a few pounds less, "he explains, laughing, remembering the response of the squad when Gerard Gatell, the coach of the time, introduced the double training sessions. "At midday we went to the bar to eat bread with tomato, sausages and sausages, accompanied by a good wine jar and some beers. We were not in anything; He was tired to run again after those tiberis! "

It was a few years since Girona still cut cod, before entities such as Figueres and Palamós went ahead to professional football, and where they had to be rich in imagination to compensate for the lack of muscle in the bank . "We organized matches against Betis, Madrid or Barça to raise money. It was very charged, but that was not only happening here, it was daily bread. For those who sent, managing a club was a personal sacrifice. We could talk about romanticism because, often, the money came from the managers' pocket, who strove to make us dress up the white-and-red colors. Even Montilivi had a bingo, ideas were sought under the stones because there were many payrolls to pay, "says Pagès, who also scored a tip to score goals in Banyoles, Figueres and Olot. Far from using a specific training methodology, he lost count of the miles he made sprinting through the mountains. "We did not see the ball, they told us that we would only find it in the pot for lunch; thus they made sure that when the party arrived we wanted to play it ".

An instinct that accompanies it

According to Pagès, the main change with respect to now 40 years ago is the physical state of the main actors. "Today's players are almost athletes because they have a lot of people who control them in the smallest detail. Our degree of discipline was very far from these levels, "confesses. And he adds: "Those of my generation would have problems playing right now." "You also have to keep in mind that many of us worked and did not train every day; For many, the newspaper did not come from football, "he admits. The boom that Montilivi lived in the late 70's, with Girona in the midst of a failed battle to reach Segona, caused parties to play on Sunday afternoon on Saturday night, and some of the farthest trips they are already made by plane. "We traveled a little, but we were traveling. I guess we did when there was some left in the box. The hours we got to take to the highway, by coach, it was epic! We could have quietly grabbed her any night, because we only had a driver and sometimes her sleep came. We sprayed it with cologne or with water so that it did not fall asleep, "he says.

Montilivi still remembers the eternal friendship forged with Josep Serra. "It was my adventure companion, an immense power station that as a person was priceless. We are both from Sant Jaume, we had gone to school and shared a car to go to the training and room in the hotels, "said Pagès, who was driving a Dyane 6:" My father had an old van to distribute feed, so I could escape with your car ". As long as the gironins play at home, they are giving support to the stand. "The heart still tells me that I should start to finish according to what centered, it is an instinct that will accompany me all my life." He wants more than anyone to celebrate half a hundred matches in Primera contra el Leganés (8:45 p.m., BeIN LaLiga) with a win. "I love this club with my soul and I think that one of these days we will make it even bigger," he said.



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