Baloncesto: Ibiza Top 3

The fault lies with Pascual and Puig den Bar came out this Saturday as the great winners of the Ibiza Top

Overcome the first hurdle

The Ibizan tandem formed by Ramón Rovira and Macarena Izquierdo, directed by Vicent Martínez, has overcome this Thursday the first obstacle

Ramón Rovira shines in Slovakia

The Ibizan volantista Ramón Rovira is putting on a sensational performance in the European version of the Youth Olympic Festival that

25th Anniversary of Can Cantó

The Can Cantó lived this Saturday a very special day for its 25th anniversary. It was a Saturday full of events,

An exhibition like no other

If there is a sport in which Ibiza excels, it is badminton. Good work has been giving results in recent years,