PRO D2 - Nevers still leader, press Bourg-en-Bresse's opponent, Béziers in the top 5 -

PRO D2 - Nevers still leader, press Bourg-en-Bresse's opponent, Béziers in the top 5 -

Aurillac – Vannes (17-23)

Rath na Breataine (17-23) to Jean-Alric, a particularly successful victory, thanks to Jean-Noel Spitzer's first quality standard. We knew Britain's quality was far from Rabine and this ability to give points regularly. Jean-Alric will see this observation very quickly and the discussions make it clear that the British is totally entering on to become timorous and borrowed to their company. There will be 3 trials to Hickes (17 th, 0-8), Le Bail (36 th, 3-18) and Tafili (40 th, 3-23) at the end of large-scale movements and severe sequences in the premises camp. Spitzer's first clean and seamless period, in attitude and efficiency. In response, Aurillacois was not very fever in a direct conflict, could change the trend and saw scoring the scoreboard with fear.

In the second half, the speed was less and the uncertainty, Aurillacois failed to focus the outcome of the meetings. Twelve, thanks to the end of the game, two tests will try this deficit at Salles (10-23, 72) and Colliat (17-23, 78). Lack of drafting British solidarity despite the last match ball at the Cantalans on the 30-meter Vannetais in the final minutes. The second success out of that gives Britain a chance to clear and settle a few places in the middle of the ranking, to prejudice the locals who return to their knees and stay in 29 units before the cruel journey to Bayonne next week.
Video – The second success of the ranking was set up for Bretons02: 13

Bourg-en-Bresse – Mont-de-Marsan (50-13)

On the lawn of Marcel Verchère, the Burgiens did not enter details (50-13). After the growth of Soyaux-Angoulême from their previous home edge (31-6), Bourg-en-Bresse has set the table by shaping the third of the chicken, Mont-de- Marsan. In the first period, the Aindinois forced the head and the shoulders. Joan Debrach opened the foot at the foot. This continued for a period of uncertainty before the speed game changed clearly with three attempts in less than five minutes. Arnaud Perret Aindinois is the first time the first attempt was made to the meeting, which was well attended by Cyril Veyret. However, after Ropate Ratu, the sound of the revolution for Stade Montois. Then, Pierre Santallier completed his own kick of the record straight.

At the break, Bourg-en-Bresse had already done a lot of work (23-8). In the second act, the Montois tried to retire for a few minutes. However, Bourg-en-Bresse succeeded in taking the excerpt. At the foot, Aindinois expanded the gap before the referee attempted a logical penalty to the Bressans, after scimmage in five meters. At the end of the game the Bressans gave even the luxury they won on the bonus of an attack. In the end, Bourg-en-Bresse needs to be widespread (50-13).

He responded to this promotion and puts the fourth success in succession at home. On his Mont-de-Marsan his bunches are disappointed and Bourg-en-Bresse leaves empty. As for Stade Montois, this defeat is the fifth consecutive away. The Landes will answer next Friday taking Carcassonne to stay in the right car.
Video – Bourg-en-Bresse won Mont-de-Marsan02: 24

Colomiers – Bayonne (0-6)

At the end of the suspension. Or boredom. To see. More than 5 minutes after the siren, the Columérins had a ball on the Bayonne posts, after a scrum. For a long time, the showdown did not allow USCo to win the game. Due to this sad game, Fil and his colleagues failed to get the fault in protecting the waterproof of Basque.

In complicated conditions, with wind and rain, Bayonnais secured the minimal service and thanks 6-0 thanks to two penalties signed by Bustos Moyano (32th) and Tedder (72th), leaving the third win out and sitting down at the top of the table. Colomiers come around for the third time at home and still stand at the bottom of the rankings.

Montauban – Massy (15-9)

This duel kept behind the table all its commitments in the fight but this is all due to the technical waste that was revealed throughout the game. The team is not able to improve their platform rather than on the footsteps of the scorers. Montauban started the break with Bosviel's four penalties against Lorée fall and Graaff's penalty (12-6). And in the second half, he did not go to the money to see Massy back in the nails of a new penalty defense penalty from the back of South Africa (12-9, 74th).

But his body of sapiacain was also a good day and finished 100% away (5/5) with a final shot sealing his own victory (15-9). Montauban did not show a beautiful face if he is not in defense and scum but continues for a third victory, the second at home. Massy had the opportunity to promote this meeting but failed to put it at the bottom of the page. Rarely bad on the Pro D2 lantern red that was really deserved better tonight.
Video – Montauban goes on with the 3rd consecutive victory: 54

Nevers – Soyaux Angoulême (13-12)

Nevers suffered this Friday against Soyaux-Angoulême. Facing reform training in the Charente area, the leader of the Pro D2 rejected the trap greatly. In a narrow meeting, punished with handbags and penalties, the USON was placed on the smallest edge, 13 to 12. The first upset in the first period, Nevers s & # 39; Particularly non-apparent in attack is shown. Enhancement in visitor phases, the Angoumoisins have the least chance of Erwan Nicolas. More in danger after breaking, SA XV gave the only test on the meeting by Stephane Bonvalot (46th).

Following? Suspense late game. Nicolas Vuillemin's leg was the Nivernaise victory. A few minutes from the mermaid, Benjamin Magnoac was the game. But more than fifty meters from the poles, the young back from Soyaux Angoulême did not hold this final penalty. Between regret and pride, the SA XV dies to the Nevers point. In pain, Xavier Pémeja players sign the fourth winter and remain unheard at home (7 of 7). The Nivernais club will stay at the top of the championship at the end of the 14th day.
Video – Nevers suffered but is ahead of Pro D202: 35

Biarritz – Béziers (21-23)

The Pro D2 clubs have dreamed all for two years, ASBH did. Biarritz Aguilera dropped the Biterrois, which did not happen in 32 games. As a result of the breaking (6-10), thanks to such a (32th) Tryier, Jonathan Best partners had a huge swim in the heart of the second period. Guiry (51) and Nicoue (62) allowed the BO to lead (21-13) but the Basque club was unable to kill the game.

And a few seconds of the term was punished on the Desroches (79th) test force, and scored a scoring score, when a Pig went outright. Thanks to the benefit of this, Béziers goes into the top 5.
Video – Béziers explorers made by Biarritz uncomfortable for 2 years at home03: 06.

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