News for the Manchester United transfer: Pochettino says he is happy in Tottenham - Goal

News for the Manchester United transfer: Pochettino says he is happy in Tottenham - Goal

The Spurs manager was linked to the position at Old Trafford, but insists he is happy and appreciated. Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has described his situation in the club as "happy" as rumors connect him to Manchester United.
The continued success of the Spurs boss with the London club has led to him in recent weeks for high-profile jobs such as Real Madrid and the Red Devils in the frame.
But Pochettino has again tried to destroy any idea that he is looking for a way out and to tell reporters on Friday that he feels respected by the club and is "satisfied" with his situation
"Tottenham gave me value," he said. "I'm happy here in Tottenham because I feel the recognition for our job. We feel that.
"When (club chairman) Daniel Levy extended my contract for five years because he believed in this moment and time, we are the best people to manage this boat and this club. It is recognition for us.
"I do not have to hear what happens. The most important thing is how you feel at home. "
Tottenham are third in the Premier League with 33 points ahead of Saturday's game against Leicester, but stay six points behind Liverpool in second and eight points below Manchester City.
Meanwhile, the Spurs are just two points ahead of Chelsea and Arsenal in places four and five.
Therefore, Pochettino sees the first four as a worthy goal, even if this season no title pursuit takes place.
"We're trying to improve, but the way we're improving may not be in the way of another team," he added.
"That's why our goal is to be consistent over many years and to improve every season, and we'll see if it's enough or not. Article below
"Right now, it's clear that Manchester City stands above everyone else. It's City and Liverpool again.
"I think the most important thing is to keep going and fight to be in a good position. As many clubs say, being among the top four is a great success. Being among the top four is more than a success.
"I think the first step is to try to consistently be among the top four."

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