Marco Reus: "My body needs breaks every now and then"

Marco Reus: "My body needs breaks every now and then"

Marco Reus tells SZ why he is in such a good mood, where he sees his favorite position and why national coach Löw is the right man for the national team.

When Marco Reus appears for interview with the SZ, he does not limp. "Nothing big," that's it, says Reus and waves away. The Dortmund has already experienced worse than the small midfoot bruise that he suffered in the Bundesliga top match against Bayern in the fifth minute. "To be on the safe side" he wants to suspend a bit, says Reus, who will get a break in the test match of the German national team against Russia on Thursday (20.45, in SZ-Liveticker).

Reus, 29, was long considered the eternal subjunctive in German football, just in time for tournaments ripped Syndesmosebänder (2014) or inflamed pubic (2016), but now holds the Dortmund offensive player, apart from the midfoot bruise, for stable. He has since "learned to accept that my body might not be built for 60 games over the full distance in a season," says Reus in the SZ interview (Thursday's edition).

The Bundesliga player of the hour

The BVB captain starts the turn against Bayern with two goals. After his eternal injury series, the 29-year-old has matured – and now has his old mentor back on the bench.

By Carsten Scheele

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"My body needs some breaks from time to time, especially because of the sprint-intensive position I'm playing in the front, and my coaches know that, and I think I've also found a good path between stress and breaks." But he never really "doubted," says Reus. He always "trusted" his body.

Reus praises Löw: He could say "only the best"

For his current top status in Dortmund, Reus is responsible for his role in the BVB game alongside the familiar coach Lucien Favre. An offensive player will thrive especially if he is allowed to play his favorite position, says Reus, who prefers to play in the offensive center behind a center forward. "In this position, I feel like I'm in the game all the time, a lot of balls are going through the middle, and I'm always in the middle of the duels, and this permanent presence is good for me and I have a good overview from this position . "

And then Reus says, "I'm sure if I really want to play very, very well and achieve very, very high goals, that's best from this position." Reus is now the natural candidate for the role that has been practically freed after Mesut Özil's resignation. He could imagine the tens position at the DFB "very well," says Marco Reus and defended at the same time the last criticized national coach vehemently.

He could say "only the best" about Jogi Löw, says Reus, the coach has "brought German football up in the last decade, which should be acknowledged despite the bad World Cup". Löw is still "very relaxed, but at the same time meticulous as always, we still trust him".

"I never really doubted"

BVB captain Marco Reus tells why he has always trusted his body despite numerous injuries – and explains how he wants to take over the position of Mesut Özil at the DFB.

Interview by Christof Kneer



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