This is the view of Sky Sports expert Danny Murphy, who says the descent to the south has hardened the 24-year-old.

Barkley was a success for Maurizio Sarri's squad this season and penetrated the new manager's first team plans.

Prior to defeating Crystal Palace at home on Sunday, the midfielder scored a goal in three consecutive Premier League games for Chelsea.

It is expected that he will have the opportunity to continue his good form when the blues host his former club Everton this weekend.

"He has changed his mentality, he looks better physically, he looks hungry"

Danny Murphy

He was also included in the English squad of Gareth Southgate to request the games against Croatia and the United States after a long exile.

And Murphy kept talking Sky Sports The debateBarkley's willingness to change has helped him advance his career.

"If you live your whole life in a certain area and you are used to a specific lifestyle, you can get into a comfort zone and a rut, if you like," he said.

"There is a higher expectation of followers when one of them is in shape, and sometimes the maturity in football comes from the pitch rather than from it. He got into some trouble and maybe he just had to get out.

Ross Barkley

Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley has strengthened his form this season (Image: GETTY)

Ross Barkley

Chelsea star Barkley decided to move from Everton (Image: GETTY)

"He has changed his mentality, he looks better physically, he looks hungry, he looks like he wants to prove a point. It's as if he had rejected a new hand and made it a fair game. It takes a lot of courage.

"When I signed in Chester and signed up for Liverpool, it took me about a year or 18 months to realize that I needed to withdraw from the area to avoid certain things, problems and temptations.

"He benefited from the move, the manager earned a loan because he gave him a platform, but Barkley earned the biggest loan because he took a risk.

"There was a negative talk about this step when he was not near the team, but he scores goals, beats people and looks pretty.

Ross Barkley

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri is a fan of Barkley, says Danny Murphy (Image: SKYSPORT)

"He has two great feet and I think his overall progress has been great, and it may take a long time."

Sarri seems to have warmed to Barkley since he replaced Antonio Conte and is ready to change his playing style.

"As Sarri plays, he has seen a player fit in his playing style," added Liam Rosenior.

Chelsea signed Everton's Barkley for just £ 15m (Image: SKYSPORT)

"He has halved the number of dribbles and makes more passes. He has first-class midfielders who help him make him a better player – N & Golo Kante, Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic.

"He showed courage when he left his comfort zone. He could have stayed in Everton throughout his career, he has been a bit inconsistent and has left the team, but he's back and now he's gone to Chelsea and said he wants to improve and reap the rewards for this. It can go on for a long time. "

It remains to be seen if Barkley will be following his former club at Stamford Bridge this weekend.


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