Football leaks, commerce, fan protests – football is pounding a lot. But the behavior of Raheem Sterling and Jose Mourinho shows the moral decline in the field.

Comment by Jonas Beckenkamp

There are no easy times for football, from all sides it patters on him at present. Of the football leaks that reveal the infamous business practices of European big-name clubs, of the fans who are longing for the good old days, and of the regular guards who have dramatically changed the game with the introduction of the video umpire.

In some places at least, because in the Champions League, there is no such assistance for referees yet. But whether with or without technical innovations in football – compassion is only partially appropriate when it comes to the lost dignity of the game. Although it is actually as inviolable as that of man (which would certainly confirm Karl-Heinz-Rummenigge), but if the past matchday in Europe's elite class has shown one, then this: The protagonists of football also blame themselves for the credibility crisis of the Sports.

Hoeneß regrets verbal attack on Juan Bernat

The Bayern president finds conciliatory words for the defender criticized. Also to the Football Leaks revelations he has an opinion – worries Arjen Robben.

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The scene that earned Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling a penalty against Donetsk was such a farce that it was best to hide it from footballing kids forever. Unfortunately, the mantra "Do not try this at home" has never stopped anyone from imitating them, which is why busy replicas of Sterling's fall flight will take place on the village squares without any enemy contact.

With the help of the video umpire, his blunt kick would have been unmasked in the turf, but that's how he got away without comment. The decency to report such a fall truthfully to the referee is therefore not even to be expected from an Englishman – yet dishonesty on the island is still considered a grave offense.

Another hellhound, who has been playing soccer for a long time, far too long, reputation-damaging, is coach Jose Mourinho. His derailments are often on record, his behavior hardly knows any values, he judges only at his own discretion – usually all the others are the bad guys. The culmination of his mistakes was probably when he drilled his forefinger into the ear of an opposing co-coach in Spain. But his renewed provocations in the game of his club ManUnited against Juventus Turin are no less to be rejected. At the moment of the late victory to show the Juve fans the hand on the ear, according to the motto "What are you saying now?" This testifies to a moderate nursery and moral decay.

So what's left hanging? What about the moral in the sport, which often propagates "fair play" and then tramples on everything? Maybe this: The participants in the field are just as sincere on the road, as it dictates the overall structure, the so-called "system" with all its dodgy characters and behavioral codes. Or that: Maybe we just expect too much of the billions of professional football, if he is to serve as a role model. That cheating, teasing and cheating is nothing new. But in these times, more people are looking more closely.

With Bavarian realities to Dortmund

After a meager 2-0 win against Athens Uli Hoeneß surprised with his own view of the situation of Bayern. The pros go into the top match on Saturday with mixed feelings.

From the stadium of Matthias Schmid




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